7 Reasons To Watch Law & Order: SVU
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7 Reasons To Watch Law & Order: SVU

The main reason: Olivia Benson.

7 Reasons To Watch Law & Order: SVU

Since 1999, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" has been blessing TV and entertaining many. With USA and Ion showing reruns of the show frequently, the popularity continues and more people continue to fall in love with Law and Order and its characters. Here are 7 reasons why everybody should watch this fantastic show!

1. The Crimes

Something about all of the crimes keeps the intensity up, even when many of the crimes are similar. Through 17 seasons each episode is different and intriguing. The way each situation is handled brings you in and gets it so that you can't seem to stop watching. Every. Single. Time

2. Based in NYC

Who doesn't love the exciting New York City? As a place that is constantly a background for shows and movies, it is interesting to see the city through a different view point: that of police officers.

3. The Relationship Between Characters

Watching the relationships develop between characters is one of the most exciting parts of the show. The characters seem to genuinely care for each other, making disagreements among partners and within the precinct that much more interesting. Who doesn't love watching that?

4. Guest Stars

Each episode brings a new guest star to the scene. From Hillary Duff to Whoopi Goldberg to Robin Williams, there always seems to be a new guest star to make the episodes even more exciting. Seeing a different, recognizable face brings the interest level up each time the show airs on TV.

5. Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni)

Who doesn't love Christopher Meloni? This cop with a temper keeps you on your toes through each episode. You never know what move Stabler might pull next, or how what he does is going to affect the things that happen afterwards. He sure knows how to keep the episodes interesting.

6. Fin Tutuola (Ice-T)

Played by Ice-T, Tutuola always cracks jokes at just the right time to bring your mood up during a sad episode. He just seems to know exactly what to say to get watchers laughing.

7. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay)

Benson is by far the best part of every single show. This BA woman is caring, compassionate, sneaky, and straightforward. Plus, she is a survivor of many of the crimes she is trying to stop. Outside of the show, Hargitay advocates for the No More Excuses campaign. Tell me, what can be better than that?

Each episode of SVU leads to more excitement than the first. There are many reasons why you should watch "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," but here are 7 of the most important.

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