While entering my second year as one of Randolph Wildcats, I wanted to list just some of the reasons why I love my lacrosse team!

1. We are actually a team

No matter what happens we all come together for the love of lacrosse, and we stay a team off the field too.

2. They actually care

They know when you're off of your game whether it be during practice, or in class.

3. They are entertaining

Remember when you played Hungry Humans and I watched because I had hit my head? Ah, good times!

4. Inside jokes

Too many to count, none that I will I'll say.

5. They know what gets you hype

Look mama I made it to game day!

6. You do things together all the time

D-hall anyone? Skeller? If you ever feel lonely there is no doubt they will be there with you if you ask.

7. You can feel the family vibes

No matter what happens we can count on each other to be there and support us. Cliché? Yes. True? Always.