7 Feelings You Have If You Haven't Found Your Person

7 Feelings You Have If You Haven't Found Your Person

Grey's Anatomy has left me desperate for a person of my own.

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In Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Cristina introduced the idea of being each other’s person. The two vowed to be there for each other no matter what, and after 10 seasons, the duo’s love never faded.

Though they may not have been the first to declare person-ship, their friendship inspired others to find and/or name their person. Now everyone seems to be using the term, and everyone seems to have a person.

Except me.

Don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of friends, I have best friends, but there is no ONE person. And maybe there doesn’t need to be. Maybe I can have several people that I can rely on to always be there for me.

And I do, but it isn’t the same.

This is not intended to be a plea for someone to be my person, but rather an explanation of how it feels when you still haven’t found the one person who makes your life complete.

1. You spend a lot of time trying to find someone who doesn’t already have a person.

At almost 20, it seems there are few people who don’t have their person set in stone. Finding someone that you click with, and know you can trust with anything is almost impossible.

2. You may spread yourself too thin trying to make time for people, because you don’t have the one person who is more important than anyone else in your life.

3. When something exciting happens in your life, you probably don’t know who to call first, because you have no one special person.

You might have a long list of people to call, but you there is no one that will be more excited than you are.

4. When you don’t make sense, there is no one there to help you figure yourself out.

5. Keeping secrets is harder because there isn’t one person who you know will always keep it.

Who's going to help me hide the body?

6. You have to break up your venting because you don’t want to annoy anyone too much.

This wouldn’t be a problem if you had a person.

7. You know that you will eventually find a person, but for now, you’ll just wait patiently and explore your options.

In a world full of people with people, not having a person can be hard, but finding the right person will be worth it. For now, you can keep your options open and create as many friendships as possible.

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