7 Exercises To Do With a Friend

7 Exercises To Do With a Friend

One of the biggest motivators to workout is having someone to do it with


We all experience the dread of working out. Even if you do it everyday, there are still some days where you simply cannot find the motivation to get your body moving. One of the best ways to find that motivation however, is through a friend!

I am not an athletic trainer and did not come up with these exercises. This is simply a list of common and fun exercises to be done with a partner!

1. The Booty Bridge

Lay down with approximately a foot of space between you and your friend (not counting your legs).

Raise your legs, bringing the bottom of your feet together with your friend's.

Engaging your core, slowly lift your hips towards the sky at the same time as your friend.

Slowly come back down.


2. Back-to-Back Squats

Stand with your backs pressed against each other.

Slowly start to squat at the same pace and time as your friend. Squat until your thighs are at a 90 degree angle with your legs.

Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Stand back up at the same pace that you squatted down.


P.S. make sure your knees never bend over the tops of your feet!

3. Wheelbarrow Push-Up

Friend 1 starts in a high-plank position with arms straight while Friend 2 starts by standing at Friend 1's feet and lifting them so that you both are in a "Wheelbarrow" position.

Friend 1 lowers into a push-up. At the same time, Friend 2 lowers into a squat.

Slowly come back up.


4. Plank Patty Cake

Facing your friend, both of you get into a high-plank position with your arms straight.

In this position, play patty cake with your friend by slapping your right hand with their left, and then your left hand with their right (opposites).

Continue for 30 seconds.

5. High 5 Push-Ups

This exercise is very similar to the Plank Patty Cake, just with a push-up!

Facing your friend, both of you get into high-plank position.

Lower into a push-up.

Rise from the push-up.

High-5 your friend.


6. Single Leg Medicine Ball Toss

Standing next to your friend facing the same direction, both of you lift your outside leg.

One of you hold a medicine ball slightly away from your body at belly button level.

With the medicine ball in hand, rotate your body completely away from your friend.

Rotate back to the original position and hand the medicine ball to your friend.

Your friend completes the same step.


7. Leg Lift and Throws

Friend 1 lays on the ground while Friend 2 stands at Friend 1's head. Friend 1's head should be on top of Friend 2's feet.

Friend 1 raises their legs (keeping them straight at all times) until they are perpendicular (at 90 degrees) from the ground.

Friend 2 grabs Friend 1's feet and throws them back towards the ground.

Friend 1 stops their feet approximately 2 inches before they would have hit the ground.


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