As you grow older, you begin to develop many pet peeves. Some of them you didn't even realize you had until that point it presented itself and you were annoyed by it.

Here's a list of some common "adult" pet peeves.

1. A dirty kitchen

Dirty dishes filling up the sink, left-over food on the stove, wrappers on the countertops. It's all gross and just gives off a terrible vibe of the house/apartment. It just makes it look like a total slob household, which is never good. Maybe your life isn't together, but at least make an effort to make it seem like it is.

2. A car that hasn't been washed in weeks

The only good excuse to NOT wash your car is the fact that there is constant rain where you live. There's also just something satisfying of having a clean car, both inside and out. It will take an hour at most if you do a deep cleaning and trust me when I say that it will just make you feel way better.

3. Wrinkled clothes

I will admit that I don't iron my clothes every day. But I also don't walk out of the front door with completely crinkled clothes. Sometimes you might be running late and that is understandable, but when it's every day and you are showing up to work like that, then it's when you can start giving off a vibe that you simply do not care. Irons cost about $10 and there are tutorials on how to iron all over the internet.

4. Bad parking 

There is nothing worse than finding an empty spot in a crowded parking lot only to find out that your car doesn't fit because someone parked badly. Or when someone doesn't know how to park, and they park really close to your car. These are all just not okay, so don't be that person that doesn't know how to park. It doesn't matter if it takes you five minutes to park, as long as you do it well.

5. People who are late

Everyone knows and understands how important it is to be on time, especially when you have a job and/or are in school. This is the worst first impression you can make on someone you are meeting for the first time. If you're going to be late then just send the other party a quick message as a heads up.

6. Hearing people bite their nails

I'm going to be honest, I bite my nails a lot and it's slowly a bad habit I am trying to break. I also think that because of this, I have realized just how annoying it actually is. The loud biting on the actual nail makes me cringe so hard. It's also a sign of bad hygiene, which is always a bad impression to other people. Yes, we all get nervous and will sometimes just do it out of habit, but the less you do it, then the faster you will break that habit.

7. Lousy drivers

You are lying if you say this isn't a pet peeve of yours. And if it still isn't a pet peeve of yours, then you are probably that lousy driver. So maybe you got lucky on your test and barely passed, but for you to be going 45 mph on the freeway for no reason is just unacceptable because you are more than likely causing unnecessary traffic.