67 Things To Do This Summer
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67 Things To Do This Summer

Don't Just Sit Around This Summer, Here Are 67 Things To Do

67 Things To Do This Summer
Live for Love & Cake

Summer is here and there is no reason to sit around being bored! It's important to have some fun before school starts in August. Here are 67 activities to try this summer:

1. Visit the Zoo

2. Watch fireworks

3. Make S'mores

4. Make tie-dye shirts

5. Barbecue

6. Visit as many new restaurants as possible

7. Go on a road trip

8. Go to a Cardinals game

9. Go to a Concert

10. Read a book outside

11. Sleep on a hammock

12. Watch the sun set with someone I love

13. Go to an amusement park

14. Go to a beach

15. Go a whole day with no technology

16. Go to a drive-in movie theatre

17. Go on a hike

18. Stargaze

19. Go night swimming

20. Do something different to my hair

21. Go to a fair

22. Visit someone I haven't seen in awhile

23. Sleep under the stars

24. Volunteer

25. Leave a note on a strangers car

26. Play mini golf

27. Go sky diving

28. Have a spa day

29. Take a self defense class

30. Go fishing

31. Go on a shopping spree

32. Bake cupcakes

33. Kiss in the rain

34. Eat a funnel cake

35. Take my puppy to the dog park

36. Pay for someone else's meal

37. Buy something at every stand you see from little kids

38. Make dinner with random items

39. Eat something from a food truck

40. Have a movie day

41. Take a pottery class

42. Eat a lot of ice cream

43. Visit an aquarium

44. Eat breakfast outside

45. Zipline

46. Play mini golf

47. Try Yoga

48. Do a DIY project

49. Feed ducks

50. Get tan

51. Compliment a stranger

52.No social media for a week

53. Go to Ikea

54. Cook dinner for my friends

55. Plant something

56. Learn something new

57. Make home made pizza

58. Ride a ferris wheel

59. Carve my name on a tree

60. Go on a double date

61. Go to Soulard

62. Go four wheeling

63. Go thrifting

64. Go on a night walk

65. Take a lot of pictures

66. Try a new coffee shop

67. Go on a bike ride

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