The Six Types of People You See At The Library
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The Six Types of People You See At The Library

Oh, the places you'll go, and the people you'll see... at the library.

The Six Types of People You See At The Library

The library is probably one of the most interesting places on college campuses. It is a breeding ground for awkward encounters and small talk with people you were hoping you would never run into, ever again.

1. The kid from class. It goes without saying that everyone has that kid in their life -- the one who, no matter how clear you make it that you do not want to communicate with him, does not get the picture. He sits behind you in Marketing, next to you in Journalism, and he's currently sitting to your diagonal in the library. He's everywhere. And he is constantly one upping you. He does not want to take you to dinner, he does not want to drunkenly make out with you, in fact, he does not even want to be your friend. All he wants is to ask you how you did on your Philosophy exam and then tell you how he scored 12 points higher than that. He conveniently sees you at the library studying for the class that he takes with the same professor, right before you, and he is constantly rushing over to your table in the quiet section to ask you if you understand question number two. You repeatedly tell him that you will be lucky if you miraculously pull a C in the class and he keeps reminding you that he is .04 away from getting an A and maintaining his 4.0 GPA.

2.The Addy daddy. It is easy to pick this kid out of a crowd because he's the one who is crammed into a study cubicle and is constantly responding to his vibrating phone or loudly whispering telling the girls that keep running over to him that "that will be $5 please." He's the kid everyone hates, but that everyone wants to be, because not only does he have a year's supply of Adderall at his fingertips, but he also has enough money, at this point, to buy a yacht. Yeah, he's annoying, but he is definitely a good kid to be able to locate at the library.

3.The one night stand. It has been about a month and you have dodged him every single time that you've seen him on Main Street, but now, while you're at the library and way too stressed out to even think straight, there he is. You knew this day would come, but you didn't think it would be now. You don't have any makeup on, your leggings have a hole in the crotch, and you have not had this many pimples on your face since seventh grade, but of course that kid that you took home the night you had about ten too many shots is the only person in the entire library who has an empty seat at his table. Distressed and desperate, you sit down next to him and try to focus your attention on the biology textbook in front of you and not the fact that you have seen him naked. Being that you look different when you are showered and have a face full of makeup, you just hope that he won't notice you.

4.The typical sorority girl. Take one look around whichever room you're sitting in at the library and I guarantee that you will be able to find at least 15 girls who fit this description. She is the one with the trenta iced latte with a double shot of espresso wearing an oversized Ralph Lauren quarter zip (that isn't even her boyfriend's, by the way -- she just wants you to think that) and leggings. She probably kicked off her Uggs (or her Hunter rain boots, if it's been raining) and is wearing knee high socks (obviously pink), and she definitely has her sorority stickers all over her laptop case. She's a total cutie, even under pressure, and she is also totally spread out over an entire table, on the edge of a mental breakdown as she tries to remember everything that's going to be on her business law exam that she will annoyingly get a 100 on, anyways.

5.The kid that hasn't graduated yet. You met him when you were just a mere freshman and he was a hot and powerful junior who had you mesmerized by every word he spoke. You made some of your best memories (and worst mistakes) while he was in your line of vision, and he was always there at the bagel store the next morning to ask you how you were feeling. But, now, five semesters later, it's a little mind blowing that of all places around campus that you can run into him, you see him at the library but, hey, we all get our lives together sooner or later.

6.The Nerd. Although he may be asleep in the cubicle next to you while you're hunched over your textbook trying to compute data sets all night, he's still going to screw up the curve on your quantum physics test the next morning.

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