As I've mentioned before, Davidson is a second home to me, as well as probably all of the DFA students. We spend more time there than home usually and that's a scary thought. But over our years there, we've all learned some valuable lessons from teachers, administrators and just overall experience. As a senior, I've decided to share six things I've learned while at Davidson Fine Arts.

1. Procrastination is frowned upon.

Although it's known amongst all of our teachers that we still put things off to the very last second, it's definitely easier to just get them out of the way, or take advantage of the extra time you have, because you will learn throughout these points that teachers actually know everything.

2. Teachers aren't stupid.

Obviously they're not dumb since they're literally filling your brain with knowledge, but seriously don't think they don't know what you do on the weekends, or what kind of crowd you're involved with. They seriously are so much more in the loop than you may think, therefore, don't be an idiot.

3. You're not slick when you put you hand/head/whole body in your purse/backpack to text someone back.

You may think you're being really secretive and that the teacher has no idea what you're doing, but it's honestly just insulting to think they don't know, and I know we're all guilty of it, but seriously, it's not that hard to just respect them enough to pay attention for at least a couple minutes.

4. Tough love is a real thing.

Momma Ash is first hand. Mrs. Fortson gives you tough love so that you're ready for the real world because surprise, not everyone values your opinion or cares at all about who you are or what you want to do, people are mean. (Now don't think I'm saying Momma Ash doesn't care because she does very much or else she wouldn't be gracing us with this valuable lesson, let alone offer to teach the senior class for another year.)

5. There is such thing as doing too much.

Of course everyone wants their college application to be the best, but overworking yourself is not the way to make that happen. At a school like Davidson where opportunities are practically thrown at us, it's easy to get caught up in everything and become overwhelmed, so just stay involved in what you love and don't overdo it.

6. Davidson is seriously a blessing.

Don't take Davidson for granted. Going to a school like this one is such a big deal when it comes to preparation for the future and it will seem overwhelming at times for sure, but it's all going to be worth it.

Sometimes you're going to hate Davidson, you're going to want to transfer somewhere that doesn't challenge you in the ways DFA does, but graduating from one of the top schools in the state and a winner of a Blue Ribbon Award is a big deal. It's such an accomplishment and you should be proud to attend a school like Davidson, because all of these small things you thought were meaningless lessons, are going to be so useful later on in life.