Dogs are animals unlike any other and have become huge parts of many peoples’ lives, including my own. When I think of my dog, he is always showing me unconditional love, and when I look close enough, I realize how much dogs make our lives better and can teach us what life is really about. Here are six reasons why.

1. Dogs helps us to connect with people we sometimes wouldn't be able to.

Alan Beck, ScD, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University has done research showing that people make more eye contact with handicapped people if that person has a dog. We are social beings, so when dogs bring us closer to others or help to create a bond, which makes us happier people.

2. People who own dogs are generally happier and less lonely.

Studies show that dogs really do love us back, as scientists in California have proven that they release the love hormone, oxytocin.

3. Owning a dog gives people a greater sense of control in their life.

Some of our worst moments appear during times of feeling overwhelmed and under pressure. Owning a dog can serve as a constant in these moments, making us feel a little less lonely and a little more stable.

4. Dogs provide us with health benefits that improve our lives.

Those who own dogs are less likely to have heart problems later in life due to more exercise one gets when they have a dog. Additionally, studies have proved that adopting a dog can bring down a person’s blood pressure more effectively than a medication can.

5. Dogs have saved the lives of many because of their high intelligence.

There have been many cases where dogs have rescued humans from burning buildings, saved people from drowning or just been there to protect us in dangerous situations.

6. Dogs live to make their owners happy.

Dogs don’t expect much from you yet they give everything they have and still manage to be happy all the time. They live with innate companionship, loyalty, and love, which is the key to how we should live our lives.