Wise people say that Christmas is about giving rather than receiving, and I could not agree more. Most of the holiday season is spent finding the perfect gifts for the people who I love. Wise people also say that gifts are all about the thought, but I don't agree. It's not just about thought, but the right thought. It is always a constant struggle to find the perfect gift for my loved ones. I want them to genuinely appreciate my gift rather than hate it but lie by weakly smiling and awkwardly saying, "Wow....thank you!" Even if they do not necessarily love my present, I know they will still love me. Still, I put way too much pressure on myself to get them a perfect present and avoid awkward or forced thank yous.

The one loved one that I never have to worry about any of that with is my dog. Dogs love us unconditionally and only want our love. But, they are so damn good to us humans, how could we not want to give them the world? We are their world so give them as much of yours as you can. Dogs are the greatest gift we as humans have ever received. They are our best friends, members of the family and deserve Christmas presents just as much as our other loved ones. So here are some ideas for the perfect get that your dog will love (even though they literally love everything.)

1. Wrapping paper.

Wrapping up anything that belongs to your dog will make them so happy as they get to rip the paper to shreds. It doesn't have to be a pretty wrapping job so just put in that little effort. It will be adorable, hilarious and mostly disastrously messy. But, trust me you won't mind the mess because you'll be mesmerized by the cuteness.

Exhibit A:

2. Any dog treats.

The most obvious gifts include bones and dog biscuits. Some specials dog treats include peanut butter or maybe a "puppacino" from Starbucks. But if you want to get fancy you can make real treats for your dog.

3. New chew toys

There are so many different options for toys that it can be very overwhelming when you walk into a pet store. But just know that you can never go wrong without anything that is squeaky, squishy, big, loud, obnoxious and bouncy. Oh, and tennis balls are any dogs' kryptonite; stalk up on those.

4. A new buddy.

Two is always better than one; whether that be another puppy or maybe even a kitten. At first, your dog might be hesitant, but in the long-run, they will become BFFs and partners in crime. You'll be able to have cute best friend photo shoots with them like this one:

5. A new bed, blankie or pillow.

Dogs are the same as teenage girls, all they want is a comfy place to nap. Throw in a nice, long tummy rub on that new bed with that new blankie and pillow and my goodness; that dog will love you even more than before, even if you didn't think your dog could love you more.

6. Your love (MOST IMPORTANT!)

Show your dog some love with cuddles, kisses, walks, fetch and tummy rubs. Like I said, they already love you unconditionally so show your love in every way possible. A dog's love is the best kind of love any human you can feel. Make sure to show they how much you cherish them and their love not only this holiday season but every day!