For a couple years, yoga has been on my bucket list. More like crossed off because I attended the first class last Wednesday. It was something I've been wanting to do, so actually setting the time and committing to it was a phenomenal experience. I must say, my first Candlelight Yoga encounter was pretty funny and a bit challenging because I joined three weeks or so late, so some techniques I was like "Wait! What? How do you do that?" But, overall I'm glad I joined and had a soothing time while stretching and practicing some breathing techniques. It was much needed, and I look forward to continuing.

Here are some thoughts I had throughout my session:

1. Thank God I got a pedicure before coming here.

2. I never realized how nice this color was.

3. Great, this yoga mat smells.

4. And I have to lay on it.

5.This block does not feel good on my back.

6. This position hurts. I should probably not try that again, or ever.

7. Ok, that is much better!

8. I think… I’m falling asle….

9. That was a nice little nap.

10. Ugh, my face came close contact to the mat again. Gross.

11. She is talking about her experience with "boys" because they don't "deserve to be called men" YASSS girl!!! I feel you!

12. Guys suck!!! Example A on why I'm still single (and not complaining).

13. This session just got real!

14. Preaching and yoga? I love this class already!

15. Stay balanced and do not fall flat on your face and break your nose, please

16. Ok, show off! I can do that too!

17. Ha. I lied.

18. I can't hold this plank anymore.

19. Elbow, Elbow, Hand, Hand. This reminds me of track.

20. Aww, I miss track *sad face emoji*.

21. Oh hell no I can’t do that wth was I thinking.

22. I am getting super hot in here.

23. Of course, I am the only one wearing a long sleeve too. I am so dumb.

24. This song is lit right now!

25. I should stretch more often. Coach Stafford would be disappointed right now.

26. These planks are killing me! I don’t know how I ever did this during track???

27. Yeah, I am not feeling this song right now.

28. Back to the planks… Oh Lord, please help me!

29. Next time, I am bringing my own mat.

30. These words of wisdom are much needed! Preach it, girl!

31. I am starting to feel more flexible now.

32. My back isn’t hurting as much.

33. I lied, yes it does.

34. It's all in the mind, Virginia.

35. The instructor is really nice, who would ever break her heart.

36. *starts thinking about all the people who broke my heart*

37. Ok, focus!

38. Everyone is so focused, and I'm hungry.

39. How do I do that position?

40. I think I just overstretched my hamstrings...

41. The cobra! *reminisces on the cross country stretches*

42. *looks up to see someone else because I have no idea what I am doing*

43. I just made a friend!

44. Yoga is fun!

45. But, I need a class that is before beginners because these stretches killed me today.

46. But yoga was fun and the candles were lit (pun intended).

47. Is a yoga’s high a thing? Because I am definitely feeling tooo relaxed right now.

48. I think that means I did yoga right!

49. I am coming back next Wednesday and every week after that!

50. I feel so peaceful and high off of life (literally)

51. Laying down right now and I think I am going to fall asleep again.

52. I really just took a 30-second nap in the middle of this stretch, even my leg fell asleep.

53. It’s almost been an hour and I haven’t thought about stress.

54. Yoga really does work!

55. Not bad for my first class.

56. I don’t wanna leave yet! I’m too comfy.

57. I'm hungry, again.