50 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For Midterms
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50 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For Midterms

I gots little time and lotta nope.

50 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For Midterms

Picture yourself: You're sitting on your couch in your dorm or living room and you remember that your midterm is coming up.

You tear up a little and start heading to the kitchen to find the emergency booze and down it. You ask yourself "I need an excuse not to study...".

You might have read "40 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Finals." Well, here are 50 things I'd rather do than study for my midterm.

Take notes.

1. Kill my Sim.

2. Have a political argument with Tomi Lahren.

3. Sit in 5 'clock Atlanta traffic everyday for a week.

4. Attend a One Direction concert with a hundred 12 year old girls.

5. Be stuck between classes with a half dead laptop with my charger at home, forgotten.

6. Clean under my bed.

7. Clean my brothers bathroom.

8. Grow an extra toe.

9. Get a unnecessary colonoscopy.

10. Spend an hour on the phone with my second cousin who has short term memory loss.

11. Lose $100.

12. Gain the "freshman 15" every year for the next 10 years.

13. Try to reason with a Trump supporter.

14. Miss a flight home for Christmas.

15. Be kicked off my family cell phone plan.

16. Have my wisdom teeth pulled.

17. Lose my wallet.

18. ...and my phone charger.

19. ... and my keys.

20. Third wheel with a couple who firmly believes in PDA.

21. Accidentally like my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s Instagram picture from 132 weeks ago.

22. Accidently get pregnant.

23. And actually have to take care of it and raise it.

24. Walk of shame in front of my boyfriends parents.

25. Delete my twitter.

26. Sit in an ant hill.

27. Total my car. (I actually just did this, but lets pretend I haven't...)

28. Eat kale bars for a year.

29. Wait in a mile long line for airport security during Christmas break.

30. Carpool with the Belcher family. (Ok, I kinda wanna do this though.)

31. Let Edward Scissorhands give me a back massage.

32. Delete Netflix/Hulu.

33. Eat rice with one chopstick.

34. Get locked in a room with Mike Pence.

35. Stare at the sun.

36. Drink a gallon of pickle juice. (Seriously, people who do this are spawns of satan.)

37. Inherit the United State's debt.

38. Invest in a Blockbuster stock.

39. Listen to a robo-call.

40. Bathe in vinegar.

41. Marry Kanye West.

42. Honeymoon in North Dakota.

44. Eat an onion like an apple. (My boyfriend does this. He is also a spawn of satan.)

45. Stab myself with a play-dough knife.

46. Try to put on a duvet cover.

47. Handwrite every page of War and Peace.

48. Share a taxi with the Kardashians.

49. Develop a Chick-fil-a allergy.

50. Not study for my midterm. Duh.

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