40 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Finals
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Student Life

40 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Finals

I can't do it anymore.

40 Things I'd Rather Do Than Study For Finals

Because I have one semester left and it's getting a little bit hard to pay attention:

1. Write this article instead of study for finals

2. Wait in line at an amusement park on a hot day

3. Sit next to a crying baby on a flight to Europe

4. Use chopsticks with every meal.

5. Have 8:00 a.m. classes for the rest of my senior year

6. Do cross fit every day

7. Eat celery with nothing else

8. Burn my tongue so I can't feel it anymore

9. Wear jeans with a sunburn

10. Build Ikea furniture

11. Swim in a retention pond

12. Only wear Hollister

13. Kiss someone with braces

14. Get braces for the second time

15. Listen to construction outside my window on a Saturday morning

16. Forget to wear deodorant.

17. Drink a warm beer.

18. Listen to nails on a chalkboard

19. Wear white when it rains

20. Step in a deep puddle on the way to work

21. Always have chapped lips

22. Drive a Smart car

23. Still have a pink Motorola flip phone

24. Drink sour milk

25. Be a pledge driver that has to take home drunk girls

26. Clean a fraternity house after a tailgate

27. Not receive any Christmas presents (maybe that's a stretch)

28. Have no one acknowledge that it's my birthday

29. Have the hiccups for 24 hours straight

30. Be "friends" with the women on Real Housewives.

31. Have the batteries in my calculator die in the middle of a math test.

32. Public speak.

33. Tell my mom my darkest secret.

34. Walk to class when it's pouring down rain.

35. Eat lucky charms without marshmallows.

36. Have my Grandma watch my Snapchat after a night out.

37. Get a peace sign tattooed on my ass.

38. Give myself a bob haircut.

39. Wear a helmet and ride a segway everywhere I go.

40. Wing all of my finals.

Good luck, everyone!

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