With cold weather comes all the sickness. As someone who's been dealing with more than her fair share of that lately, I can personally attest that these 50 things would, without a doubt, be a whole lot better than having yet another cold.

1. Having a hangover 

2. Running a marathon 

3. Jumping off of a bridge 

4. Plunging into freezing water 

5. Holding my breath for 10 minutes

6. Staying awake for three days straight

7. Having spiders crawl on me

8. Having snakes put on top of me 

9. Being locked in a coffin

10.  Having 15 years taken off my life

11.  Farting really loudly in a lecture hall

12.  Slipping in front of everyone on campus

13.  Letting my cat scratch me 

14.  Waking up at 3 a.m. every morning

15.  Doing 100 push-ups every minute

16.  Writing a 20-page essay 

17.  Deleting all 3,000+ emails in my inbox right now

18.  Never being able to use Instagram again 

19.  Never being able to use Snapchat again

20.  Never being able to use Facebook again

21.  Getting 20 tetanus shots

22.  Being bit by a dog

23.  Being bit by a raccoon 

24.  Having a cockroach crawl across my foot at a restaurant

25.  Ripping my pants in public

26.  Having my fly come down in public

27.  Never being able to eat pizza ever again 

28.  Having a nightmare every night

29.  Have someone record me sleep talking and post it every single time

30.  Jumping off of a roof

31.  Failing a final exam 

32.  Forgetting my own name

33.  Never being able to have caffeine again

34.  Never having coffee again

35.  Never wearing leggings again 

36.  Only wearing bootcut jeans

37.  Have the AC in my car break

38.  Having the AC in my house break

39.  Having the feeling of a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth

40.  Going to the dentist every day

41.  Having a very talkative Uber driver every time

42.  Having a stomach bug

43.  Only ever eating salad for dinner

44.  Never eating Chick-Fil-A again 

45.  Having an ingrown toenail 

46.  Sitting outside in single digit weather with wet hair

47.  Never being able to use a bath bomb again

48.  Having period cramps for twice as long

49.  Never drinking a strawberry refresher from Starbucks ever again 

50.  Drinking Windex