50 Reasons To Stay Alive
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50 Reasons To Stay Alive

Even the darkest of days have something good about them -- there's always a reason to smile and, thus, to live.

50 Reasons To Stay Alive
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We’ve all had those moments where it seems getting out of that pit of despair would be an epic journey, if not impossible altogether. Some of us, more so than others, have seriously contemplated permanently faltering into the sea of abyss by committing suicide. While I personally have not struggled so severely that I wanted to end my life for good, I know several people who have felt this way. And I am also aware that love and words of support alone are not (always) enough to save a help – but they can sometimes help. Nevertheless, we all could use encouragement and reminders of why we should stay here on this planet.

1. To see another glorious sunset

2. To witness another sunrise

3. Because you matter

4. So you can pet a dog and have it lick your whole face

5. To feel the breeze on your face

6. To taste the sweetness of an ice cream sundae

7. So you can hear a child’s innocent laugh…

8. …And one day have children of your own that will laugh gleefully with you

9. So you can finish the end of a really, really good book

10. To listen to your favorite song at top volume with your eyes closed

11. In order to make a difference – “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” –Ronald Reagan

12. To fall in love

13. To have a good cry and feel worlds better afterwards

14. To laugh so hard that you can't breathe

15. For your parents

16. Because this world is beautiful, and you're a part of it for a reason

17. To meet new friends that show you the world from new perspectives

18. For all the times you feel happiness swelling in your chest and you can't control the size of your grin

19. To feel the squish of wet sand between your toes

20. In order to explore the world

21. To smell sweet, freshly-cut grass

22. To see a full moon and wonder if there's other life out there somewhere

23. So you can wish upon a shooting star

24. To kiss someone like you mean it

25. Because people care about you and want to see you prosper, grow, and discover yourself

26. So you can take cute Polaroids of moments you'll cherish forever

27. To drive your car down the streets with the windows down, the radio blasting and the wind zipping through your hair

28. To experience a concert and sing at the top of your lungs

29. So you can look in the mirror and think, "Wow, I'm beautiful."

30. Because you deserve to celebrate another birthday

31. So you can smell the earth after a rainstorm

32. To bake cookies with your friends

33. To party your butt off at the club

34. To appreciate nights in watching Netflix, whether solo in the comfort of a fuzzy blanket or in the company of loved ones

35. So you can discover talents you never knew you had

36. In order to experience the raw pain of heartbreak because, even though it hurts an incredible amount, it's a crucial part of the human experience

37. For yourself

38. To go for a run and feel the soreness in your calves and the aching in your lungs

39. So you can hug and be hugged

40. To smell the blissful aromas of your favorite foods

41. Because life itself is beautiful

42. So you can overcome obstacles you never dreamed you would be able to tackle

43. To stargaze and have nothing on your mind except the twinkling lights

44. For the magical feel of holidays like Christmas

45. So you can people-watch and be in awe at how different yet similar we all are

46. For late night talks on all things philosophy and other subjects that will blow your mind

47. To be able to smell the addicting odor of playdough

48. Because you want to see your friends grow and become better people

49. In order to have the wholesome "human experience" we call life

50. So you can see a rainbow and realize that, at the end of the day, there's hope.

Stick around. Get help. You are loved and it's worth it.

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