50 Things To Do With Your Best Friends This Summer
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50 Things To Do With Your Best Friends This Summer

The ultimate bucket list for a kick-ass Summer break.

50 Things To Do With Your Best Friends This Summer
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Summer is officially here and you're determined to make sure it's not another one filled with boring days spent binge-watching Netflix and eating leftover pizza. However, in order to have a kick ass summer, you need a solid list of things to try with your best friends. So, below is the ultimate summer 2KXX bucket list to make this summer unforgettable.

1. Go to a music festival.

2. Go to the beach.

3. Get a tattoo.

4. Go hiking.

5. Run a race (5K, half marathon, marathon?!)

6. Adopt a pet.

7. Learn an instrument.

8. Travel abroad/study abroad.

9. Bake a new food.

10. Have a summer Friendsgiving and cook a meal with your friends.

11. Go to a yoga studio and try yoga (Hot yoga is soo relaxing).

12. Try meditation.

13. Have a bonfire with your best friends.

14. Play drinking games with a group of your closest friends.

15. Play the lottery.

16. Read a new book (at least one!).

17. Have a BBQ.

18. Make healthy smoothies (Don't forget to add your greens).

19. Start a small garden.

20. Go on a road trip.

21. Learn a new language.

22. Try being vegetarian or vegan.

23. Eat at a new restaurant.

24. Go out to a fancy dinner just because.

25. Volunteer.

26. Visit the SPCA and play with the animals.

27. Visit a major city (LA, NYC, Chicago).

28. Have lunch with your family (Nothing will make your grandparents happier!).

29. Go skydiving.

30. Get outside every single day (go for a walk, jog, or bike ride!).

31. Join a gym and get in shape.

32. Tan outside and lie by the pool (Ah, relaxation).

33. Make fancy cocktails with your best friends.

34. Go on a shopping spree.

35. Go to a BYOB restaurant and bring a big bottle of wine.

36. Have a summer fling.

37. Have an outdoor picnic date.

38. Do a photo shoot with your best friends.

39. Do a digital detox and stop using your phone/social media for a day (or a week!).

40. Go to Disney World.

41. Go thrift shopping.

42. Go to a baseball game.

43. Visit an amusement park.

44. Go camping.

45. Have a girls night filled with wine, pizza, and Netflix.

46. Go skinny dipping.

47. Watch a movie outside under the stars (Don't forget the popcorn).

48. Party with your friends on a warm summer night.

49. Get a summer job and save up some money! (You'll be glad you did.)

50. Live life without regrets! You're only young once so make the most of these carefree days while you still have them.

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