5 Ways To Eliminate Stress During Midterms Week

Already stressing about midterms even though you feel like you just got to school? Consider these five tips to help you manage your stress during fall semester's least desirable week.

1. Talk to someone 

College students handle stress in different ways. For some, simply talking to their mom on the phone about their stress can do enough to unleash some of it from their shoulders. Others, however, might need to talk to a professional in order to get through a more-stressful-than-normal time. Either way, expressing the stress you're feeling to someone can do wonders to all of the crazy thoughts running through your head during midterms week.

2. Write everything down 

People who say they can remember all of their assignments and reminders without writing them down are crazy. Lists, planners, and calendars are incredibly helpful when it comes to organizing your life. Utilize these to the maximum during midterms week to prevent forgetting things or incorrectly prioritizing certain assignments. Also, all of your responsibilities will look cleaner and more manageable in a planner than they will inside your head.

3. Take. A. Break.  

Taking a break will seem counterproductive when you have so much sh*t to do. But you can only be productive for so many hours in a day, especially when your homework time is coupled with class time, extracurriculars, and other commitments. You will find it easier to do your work if you take mini-breaks, whether it's making dinner for yourself, watching TV for an hour, or going to hang out in your friends' dorm. You deserve a little something for working so hard.

4. Treat yourself 

Eat chicken tenders at 1 a.m. from Wawa. Buy a giant bag of Hershey Kisses and eat the entire thing while you're studying. Who cares? It's midterms week- treat yourself!

5. Give yourself a reward for when midterms are over

Go out! Enjoy fall break (if your school has it)! Take yourself out to dinner! Make a plan with yourself, your siblings, your friends, whoever you want, for after midterms week. This way, you'll have something to look forward to when all your exams, projects, and papers are finally over!

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