5 Ways We, As Women, Can Be More Inspiring

Life is hard and sometimes we all could use a little inspiration, but more importantly we can be the inspiration. We have the choice every day to bend to society, to blend in, to make other feel small for expressing their big ideas, or we could encourage and inspire and do all of those beautiful things that allows us to grow and love.

Inspire to be Confident

I will be the first to admit there are times I am not at all confident in my own skin. I love pizza and I have never related to the girl who can eat and eat and still look like a Sports Illustrated model, but holding my own insecurities is never an excuse to bring out others. With today’s society focused around medias like Instagram, “body shaming” has been the new trend. We shame girls for showing too much skin, but yet the girl in a turtle neck will never receive the same amount of likes as the girl in a bikini. We preach to be confident in our bodies but a girl with curves should never flaunt them and the girl who is a twig doesn’t have to flaunt how skinny she is, we get it. DO YOU HEAR THIS, HOW IS ANY OF THIS LOGICAL?! Ladies it is time we inspire to actually be confident, why should we be so caught up in what others girls are posting and so quick to make our own judgments of what is appropriate and what is not? Who gave you the gavel? There is something so unique in beautiful in realizing what people find attractive of themselves, and in each upload they illustrate that so before you make a comment like an old lady about whether or not they should display more skin than the average sweater wearing neighbor, maybe look deeper into the art of the person and give them the inspired compliment.

Inspire to be Beautiful

Beauty is so much more than your eyebrows being on fleek (granted I applaud you every time they are because mine look like a five year old took a Crayola to them.) Beauty is the way your eyes light up when you talk about your favorite book; beauty is the song that makes you go crazy dancing in the kitchen when no one else is around. We should be inspiring the idea that all of these small minor details create this giant image of our beauty. Revel in that minor detail that makes you who you are, that is so beautiful. Inspire women to look deeper than skin, and support them in there beauty, just give that stranger the compliment empower them and make their day. The mirror does not reflect beauty, the heart does.

Inspire to Chase Passions

Today’s society holds so many strong willed women, women who run their own companies, women who gain doctorates, women who are CEO’s, women who released their fears and followed their passions. We should never make anyone feel small for what they love; you want to paint the rest of your life? Awesome, go out there and create like the badass you are, and if anyone tells your there is no money in it paint over their words. If your passion is in traveling pack light and don’t slow down for anyone because the reality is we like to talk ourselves out of our passions as if we won’t get supported because they aren’t mainstream, but people love it when others go outside the box and follow what they love. People eat that up because it’s like the little reminder of inspiration, while they sit in their office at the job they settled for, that it really is attainable to do all of those things you love.

Inspire to Love

There is nothing more inspiring than a woman who is in love with every second of her life. There are so many beautiful things to love why waste any second not recognizing those things. We should love each other, supporting each other, but we should inspire to love ourselves. We posses the power to reflect self-love, most importantly we posses the power to support others in their own self-love. How beautiful it is to love yourself so much that you could care less what others are doing in the world because you have no insecurities you feel threatened on, imagine if everyone was like that. We should inspire to love others for what they do and how they treat others.

Inspire to be Strong

Mohadesa Najumi once said “The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” None of us need others validation, this is your life, your power. We should be inspiring each other to come into our own being. Life throws it’s own curves but the strength we posses will always be enough resilience to brave the storm. We should inspire to be independent and speak your mind, no opinion is crazy and feelings strongly about something are not weak, say it clear and strong make them hear it.

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