We all want to feel confident in our own skin before we head off to the beach for spring break. Whether that means you want to lose a few pounds or gain some muscle, I’m here to guide you towards a HEALTHY way to reach your goals. Now- I’m no dietitian or personal trainer, but here are some tips I have gathered through my years of living an active lifestyle.

1. Make sure you’re eating ENOUGH

Way too often I see people falling into the traps of fad diets and cleanses. Yes, you will lose weight quickly. BUT, you will gain it all back after one day of binge-drinking natty light in Ft. Lauderdale. If you want to keep the weight off, learn how to calculate and track your macros. You will find that you actually need carbs to fuel your #gainz, not the other way around.

2. Invest in a workout plan

Not a “build a booty” plan or a “2 weeks to a flat tummy” plan, a real workout plan. I remember the first time I purchased a workout plan, I was shocked by how difficult it was- and expensive. Although some workout plans can be pricey, there are several killer plans that won’t kill your wallet. Follow some famous *fitspos* on Instagram and I’m sure you’ll stumble across a fit guide or workout plan that is right for you.

3. Meal prep

I can’t stress this enough. To ensure that you are fueling your *gainz* properly, you have to plan out your meals. Usually, I just prep food for lunch and dinner. On my busiest days, I like to prep snacks like apples and peanut butter or carrots and hummus to bring with me to class/work. ALSO how nice is it to come home from a long day and already have a nice, filling, nutritious dinner prepped?!

4. Find a workout buddy

If you’re like me, you typically prefer to sweat in peace. But, some days it’s just too hard to get your booty out of bed and into the gym. When you have a gym buddy, you two can hold each other accountable for reaching your goals on the daily.

5. Consistency IS key

Props to you for eating right and getting your workout in today! But, are you going to do it again tomorrow? I have found that it matters what you do today, but if you do it again the next day matters even MORE. If you are not consistent with working out AND eating right, you won’t get to where you want to be before you hit the beach.

Everyone has different bodies, different metabolisms, and different goals. SO, what works for your friend may not work for you- but that’s OK! There’s no magic formula to getting in shape. As long as you are balancing lifting weights, doing cardio, and eating right, you’ll see results. Most importantly, don’t make yourself miserable and don’t get discouraged. Results take time, and you have just enough time to get those results before spring break!