5 Ways To Become Your Beautiful Badass Self
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5 Ways To Become Your Beautiful Badass Self

You know she's in there, let her free!

5 Ways To Become Your Beautiful Badass Self
Amanda Hoehl

Growing up in this generation, women and young girls are surrounded by the desire to be perfect. I almost wish that the commercials and ads (some will be bombarding this article) were more realistic, just to show how pathetic society is.

"Buy this hot pink push up bra, even though you know damn well these straps will be digging into your shoulders on your hot date tonight! At least he will want to have sex with you!"
"This cute, new tea-tox comes wrapped in a ribbon and will make you lose 10 pounds in one week… here is a extremely thin, photo-shopped model dancing in a bikini just to show you that you are not thin enough to be perfect! But if you buy this right now, you will be!"

We have been taught to believe we aren’t good enough from a very young age. Don’t worry, I’m a victim of our disturbing society too! I have spent years hating every single thing about my body, but now I’m done and you should be too. I no longer look in the mirror and feel ashamed of my love handles, dry skin, un-plucked eyebrows, or whatever else I feel like hating that day. I have recreated myself into a badass who does not go a day without telling my reflection that I am beautiful.

So, here’s to saying fuck society, I choose to love myself now.

Here are ways to become your beautiful badass self, because you know she’s in there.

1. Stop giving a shit.

Stop. Seriously, who cares if you forgot to shave your armpits? You are human, hair grows in places whether you want it to or not. When went away for treatment for my eating disorder, I was surrounded by girls who weren’t allowed to use razors. I preached that we should compare our armpit hair and not our bodies! Seriously, mine were like little fuzzy hamsters and I was proud.

Oh, Jake doesn’t like you back? Fuck him! If he doesn’t appreciate your spunk, he’s not the one for you. You know you deserve a man who loves every single piece of you. You will find him, I promise he’s out there. And honestly, everyone knows a guy named Jake, and they’re usually assholes.

2. Dress up for yourself.

Have you ever heard the quote “I don’t dress up for boys, I dress up to stare at my reflection as I walk past store windows.” Live by that. Own that quote. Write that quote down and literally tape it onto your mirror so that when you get ready in the morning, you can remind yourself that you are not dressing up for god damn Jake. You’re looking beautiful for no one else but you. You don’t even have to get ready at all! Be a true badass and go natural!

3. Say no.

Don’t want to go to Stacey’s stupid sweet sixteen? Are you feeling pressured because your best friend just asked you to be a bridesmaid at her wedding but you think her fiancé is a dick? Say no! If you’re feeling extremely badass you can tell them that your schedule is packed with better things, or that you would rather jump into a lake of piranhas. But, if you’re not at that level yet, a simple no is necessary. Don’t ever agree to a bad time.

4. Make time for yourself.

You want to spend all day in your underwear, eating Oreos, watching sappy lifetime movies? Do it. Don’t let anyone take these kinds of days away from you. This is imperative to becoming a badass. This should not be taken lightly.

5. Be Yourself.

Afraid of wearing something that might be too revealing or (god forbid) doesn’t match?! Do it anyway. Wear what you want, say what you want, and act how you want. This one might not go over too well with people who are used to the self-hating you. But trust me, once you let your true soul out for everyone to see, you will feel so much better. My new favorite thing to do is actually say that I’m angry or hurt. Holding these feelings in only hurt yourself. Let yourself be free!

I know it’s not easy. I know there are bad days (yes, I actually have them too). But it gets easier. Being a badass doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I think it’s time to give up the whole I’m a woman, I’m weak thing and start letting our true beautiful badasses out and take over the world.

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