Sports are something that can bring people together. The Giants winning the Super Bowl made it so that I suddenly had something in common with thousands of people I had never met in my life. Everyone has their own idea of what teams have the worst fans *cough* Eagles *cough*. But here's just a list of the types of fans you'll see.

1. The Band Wagoner

Whenever a team breaks out with a great season, you suddenly start seeing a huge number of people claiming to be their fans. In real life, these are some of the most wishy-washy people you'll meet, and it shows. They usually get a jersey of the most famous player, but can't name a single other player on the team. The band wagoner will show little interest in the actual games, instead just check the scores the next morning to brag. They're incredibly vocal in their support for "their" team, and hated across the board by everyone else. But don't worry, as soon as their adopted team has a bad year, you'll see them jump ship to join up with the new up and comer, and the cycle continues.

2. The Die Hard

While the band wagoner doesn't really care about their team, the Die Hard has what is in all likelihood an unhealthy obsession with their team. Most of the time, these fans seem more or less normal, except until game time starts. They begin with some sort of ritual, something as simple as sitting in the same spot every game. Then if you talk during a play, you are aggressively shushed, if you move at the wrong time, you are snapped at. This guy will scream at the television, if his team has even a minor setback. If they win, he is elated, like a man set free. If his team loses, you won't see him for three days, until he shows up coming off a bender, having obviously not showered or shaved since the game.

3. The "I Hate (Insert Star Player)" Guy

This guy hates more of the league than he likes. This guy will shadow of a doubt despise the Patriots and the Cowboys, and probably not even be able to tell you why. He even hates the players on his own team. As a Giants fan, I see this guy a lot. Eli Manning may be the most unpopular quarterback who has won two super bowls. Giants fans either have a reluctant affection for our boy, or a bitter hatred, hence this type of fan.

4. The Delusional Fan

This guy thinks his team is going to the Superbowl. Every Year. They could be 0-6, and he is convinced that his team is about to have a ten game hot streak. His team could draft a D3 punter in the first round as a quarterback, and this guy will convince himself that he's going to be the next Cam Newton. This fan, while he can be annoying is harmless.

5. The Hard Luck Fan

Some teams are just terrible. And they will continue to be terrible for years to come. I don't want to name names but it rhymes with "The Crowns". And their fans know this as well as anyone. They look at each season with a sort of fatalism that is actually kind of admirable. But sure enough, they're at the next game, ready to support their abysmal team.