5 Things You Should Not Forget To Pack For Move-In Day

5 Things You Should Not Forget To Pack On Move-In Day

Struggling to remember everything to pack for your school's move-in day?

Maddie Barber

As an incoming freshman, it can be hard to pack up your whole life and shove it into a shoebox-sized dorm room. Here are five crucial things you should not forget to stuff in the trunk alongside the pictures of your home friends you printed out at CVS the night before and your brand-new twin XL duvet cover and sheet sets.

1. A fan

It doesn't matter if your dorm building claims to have air conditioning, sometimes it breaks or sometimes it's not activated in time for move-in day. Come prepared and bring a small fan to prop on your desk or next to your bed somehow. There is nothing worse than being in a cramped room and dripping sweat from the early September heat (I know this from experience). Even if you think you don't need one, bring one just in case! Places like Target and Home Goods sell them for cheap, too!

2. Storage bins 

There is nothing better at concealing the zillions of clothes and miscellaneous toiletries scattered around your dorm room than storage bins, especially those giants, plastic pull-out drawers (I use them to store my sweatshirts, sweatpants, and workout clothes) you can find at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. These are also perfect for packing the car on move-in day due to their rectangular shape and stackability (is that a word?). Additionally, using these smaller storage bins from Amazon were the perfect way to store my sweaters, summer tops, and jeans in my armoire this past year.

3. A personal mirror 

Most dorms come equipped with a mirror on the back of the door, but having a personal mirror allows for a better view of your face for things like makeup application or tweezing your eyebrows, while also being near a brighter light source from your desk lamp. Mirrors like this one on Amazon are cheap, sleek, and ready for you to stare at it while applying your favorite Glossier mascara before a night out to your favorite frat house.

4. Probiotics

This may sound like a random thing to bring to college, but I promise they're worth it. Taking a chewy probiotic every morning or night can help you have a healthy gut, which is super difficult to maintain on a dining-hall diet. Trust me.

5. Cleaning supplies

Bring Clorox wipes, bring paper towels, bring a vacuum cleaner. Bring. It. All. Dorm rooms are a cesspool for germs, crumbs, and everything gross. With your the Clorox wipes Mom bought for you from Costco, though, you won't be worrying as much about getting your roommate's stomach flu or strep throat because she touched the doorknob before you.

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