5 Things That Are Way Too High School as Told By Mean Girls

High school. We've all been there. Some of us never left there. After going back to my high school after being in college for two months, there are some things that definitely stay in high school. Here's what I noticed, with help from the popular movie, Mean Girls.

1. Secret Make-Out Sessions

In high school, it seems like all adults are against teenage sex, or affection at all, really. This causes teenagers to sneak around and "do stuff" in crevices in the hallways, or as I saw this weekend, in dark ally ways where they think no one will find them. In college, couples are pretty open about their relationships... Probably because there are no adults telling them it's bad.

2. The Popular Group

The popular group does vanish in college. There isn't any hierarchy, and no one really cares what anyone else thinks about them. There's no "Queen Bee" and no one feels the need to prove themselves as better than anyone else. It's extremely refreshing, trust me.

3. Universal Slut Shaming

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a girl call another girl a slut or a whore in high school, I would probably have more money than Bill Gates. On the other hand, if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone get called a slut in college, I would be living in a card board box. High school girls are mean, end of story. Thankfully, we're a little less mean after graduation.

4. Expectations that you have to be a 10/10 every day

You wore sweat pants to class every day this week? Awesome! So did everyone else!

5. Insane rumors that couldn't possibly be true

We've all had a really bad rumor spread about us in high school, to the point where everyone knew it and everyone was staring at you, and even worse, they actually believed it. Thank goodness that's over.

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