5 Things That Can Make Your Day Just Freaking Dandy
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5 Things That Can Make Your Day Just Freaking Dandy

It's so easy it hurts. Literally sometimes.

5 Things That Can Make Your Day Just Freaking Dandy

You never really know just what could happen in a day but there’s always a good chance it's not going to be from what you’d expect it to be from. It really just depends how much the universe hates you that day but it is, without question, not something you can control.

You could wake up feeling ready to take the world by storm - putting on your special happy shirt and flamingo socks because you’re just feeling that good and then promptly experience the worst lecture in the history of lectures at 8:30 in the morning, sleep through your 2:30 almost entirely and then fail to turn in a project worth 30% of your grade, and then get hit by a car.

Nobody else? Just me, huh?

Anyway, here’s a list of things that would make your happy day just freaking dandy.

1. Waking up

Starting from the start, it really doesn't take a whole lot to screw up your day. You could sleep through your alarm, wake up on the wrong side of your bed, or (with my luck) on the ground after missing the last step on your ladder in a panic after realizing that your class starts in two minutes and you haven't even brushed your teeth yet.

Starting the day off right.

2. Class

Nothing is more soul crushing than waking up at 8:30 only to walk into a lecture you don't really need to be at. Like wow - this lecture on abstract topics that I really don't need to know nor am I being tested on is something I definitely need to be conscious for this and I definitely don't regret being awake right now. I'm just so happy that I took this class that requires attendance. So. Happy.

3. Projects

There's something especially soul crushing about projects on the homework spectrum. Give me a 20 page reading assignment or a prelab any day, the overbearing feeling that comes with any project just makes me want to die. The fact they're usually worth a good 30% of the overall grade they're for just makes it all the better.

I've done 13 projects in the last month, can you tell?

4. Food

Well more specifically, a lack of any good food. The perks of living off dining hall food - there's a lot of food available to you at basically any time and there's usually a nice variety. The downside - most of it's mediocre at best, especially if you're trying to avoid the freshman 15. You get stuck on a day where the only interesting food is pizza and a backed potato with some unsalted shredded chicken lying on top of it and you've got yourself a hungry stomach with nothing satisfying to put in it. A first world problem at its finest.

5. Life in general

Above all else, this is the stuff that really gets ya because it's the wild card - the unknown fact that you can never plan for. Half your presentation group's sick on the day of presentations? Oh that sucks. Your bike suddenly decided the chain just really doesn't need to to function properly 5 minutes before class? That's a real shame. You got hit by a freaking car? Should've been earlier to class.

I actually did get hit by a car though, there wasn't any lasting damage of any kind and the driver didn't stop so there goes my opportunity to sue myself some tuition. Darn.

Either way, it's this stuff that gets you more than anything because you'll never know it's coming - you'll just be stuck there, a deer in the headlights.

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