If any of these apply to you, chances are you need to start journaling:

1. If you have a creative mind.

If you're always spitting out ideas to write about or always thinking and feeling, you should probably start journaling and write down your ideas.

2. If you have a lot to say.

When you have a lot of opinions about things but feel like you can't always voice it, write them down in a journal.

3. You're forgetful.

Now, this isn't necessarily journaling, but if you find that your forgetful at times, write them down so you remember for next time!

4. You always feel inspired.

Everywhere you go, you're always being inspired by something. Whether you're inspired to write or draw or sing, write down what inspires you everywhere you go so you can always remember your inspiration.

5. If you travel often.

Keeping a journal with you when you travel is essential. Documenting your experiences always leave good memories and stories.