Five Reasons Why St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Is Amazing.

Five Reasons Why St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Is Amazing.

"Finding Cures. Saving Children."


Many of you might know of someone who gives to St. Jude Research Hospital or your family might donate money. Now what you might not know is all the amazing things St. Jude does within the walls and outside the walls of the hospital. Here are few of the dozens of truths about St. Jude.

1. Research is for curing not for profit.

St. Jude shares their research with other hospitals around the world to ensure the health of children everywhere around the world. The survival rate of childhood cancer was at 20% at 1962 and now is more than 80 percent.

2. Families don't have to pay for anything.

St. Jude makes sure that families with their children in the hospital never have to pay for anything like housing, food, or transportation. If families don't have insurance that will cover all of the medical expenses, their children still get treated with no worries about having to pay a single bill.

3. Once you become a patient you are a patient for life.

Once you become part of the St. Jude family you stay as part of the family. Even when the patients become cancer-free , they still continue to go to the hospitalevery three year checkups to make sure everything is going right.

4. There is happiness and hope in every corner.

The patients and staff in the hospitals bring this hope and happiness even under difficult circumstances. The staff make the children feel as normal as possible. The children have the ability to continue their educations. They even have their very own prom every year.

5. Every donation makes a difference.

In case you did not know, it takes around 2.4 million dollars a DAY to keep St. Jude running. That means that every dollar counts. The money goes towards housing, food, treatment and research. There are partnerships with large brands like Target , Coca- cola or Tri Delta to name a few, but most of the funds come from people like you and I. It might not mean giving large amounts of money every month, but donating 20 dollars a month could change a life.

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