5 Reasons I Can't Wait To See My Sister This Summer
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5 Reasons I Can't Wait To See My Sister This Summer

Siblings: wether you love them or hate them, you know deep down they'll always be special .

5 Reasons I Can't Wait To See My Sister This Summer
Shreya Sahdev

Hang in there everyone! It's almost the end of the semester, which means most of us will be returning home for Summer. I am feeling ecstatic about reuniting with my family, especially spending some quality time with my sister.

My younger sister, Swati is my best friend. She is the ultimate GOAT because she is the only one who truly accepts my weirdness, awkward phases and my lack of sense of humor.

Over the years, I and my sister have grown very close, because there is assurance of comfort and maturity in our relationship. My responsibility as the elder sibling will never change, but there are things that I and my sister will never disagree on, e.g. late night binge eating.

There are some strange/questionable activities me and my sister bond over for entertainment. What are these, may I ask? Well, some may be unheard of, but were sisters and everything is 'normal' in our world.

1. 2 a.m. Netflix marathon

Isn't watching Netflix ten times better with a friend? This has become a common habit for me and Swati to watch Netflix, while uncontrollably munching on Hot Cheetos and lemonade. It's absolutely ridiculous because we have such unhealthy cravings at odd times.

My sister and I are both night owls, which means we can stay up all night. We usually wait for our parents to fall asleep, and that's when my sister will grab the snacks from the kitchen.

Our parents have taught us multiple times because my sister would always forget to keep the snacks back, so it doesn't look suspicious. If it isn't Netflix, it's youtube, which would be us rewatching Wizards of Waverly Place and we recite the dialogues aloud because we've watched it way too many times.

2. Good morning!

So, our sleeping habits are exactly the same: we stay up extremely late, either out of procrastination or boredom, and not wake up till 11 a.m. the next morning. However, I'm a light sleeper, which means I will be awake if there's any loud noise.

So, I take advantage of this and play pranks on my sister. From shaving cream to pie to even sharpie. Don't worry, she will then do everything in her willpower to get me back. My sister is very skilled at playing pranks at night because she knows how afraid I am of strange sounds and scary movies.

Boo! We get creative everytime with the help of the internet and Joe Sugg's pranks. Nonetheless, we always forgive each other because rewatching our reactions is always priceless.

3. Snapchat

This one is simple: catch the other person when they're not paying attention/in an awkward scenario and add the ugliest filter with a caption to put on their snapchat story. Then, wait for the other person to realize this and chase each other around the house, yelling "Delete it!"

The most we enjoy with snapchat is taking pictures of our parents, in different filters and laughing hysterically. My mother thinks there's something mentally wrong with us, and we snap them all day.

4. Your fave YouTubers

So, I love Photo Booth on my Mac computer. I say it's a blessing I'm thankful for. Some of the filters are extremely fun and what better way to kill time than making some dancing videos in a photo booth?

It can be a challenge or a makeup tutorial, I and Swati will pretend we have our own youtube channel and make videos. It's just recording long and strange videos and putting them on our finstas.

I'm glad my audience appreciates our videos and suggest us to make a real channel. I don't know about me, but Swati could definitely open a makeup channel.

5. Building forts

No matter how old we get, this will remain as our favorite activity. We collectively grab all the blankets and pillows and build a giant fort in my room and spend as much time is in there, before my brother destroys it and claim it.

Now, go call your siblings and tell him/her how much you love them and that you're thankful for always having them by your side :)

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