5 Reasons Not To Body Shame After The Victoria Secret (VS) Fashion Show

5 Reasons Not To Body Shame After The Victoria Secret (VS) Fashion Show

All too often we scrutinize instead of celebrating ourselves, here's a few reasons not to.


1. Appreciate Your Curves If You Have Them

The models may look like they have their dream bodies because they are skinny and sculpted, but everyone craves what they don’t have. Sitting on your couch with friends watching the show you might think that the “perfect body” is what the models have. So, when you have curves and you watch the show you tend to body shame yourself and wonder why you don’t look just like the models. But refrain from body shaming this year! Curves are awesome, and when models lose their curves they miss them, so appreciate what ya got! Bella Hadid (a first - time model in the show,) did an interview proclaiming “I miss my boobs!" She had lost a little more weight than she wanted to while working out with trainers, and regretted it!

2. Watching Women Embrace Their Sexuality Should Empower You, Not Force You To Question Your Own

Women should always feel emboldened and empowered by their sexuality. Of course there are men that sexualize the fashion show – but that is not what the VS fashion show intends. VS makes beautiful lingerie and showcases that lingerie on beautiful models who are emboldened enough in their sexuality to feel comfortable in front of 100's of people modeling in their underwear.

3. Our Culture Breeds Body Shaming As It Is, Let's Not Play Into It Any more

Sadly, we live in a society where people body shame one another constantly. The quickest and most effective way to combat body shaming is to not body shame yourself. I am guilty of this too, in the past I have watched the VS show and made jokes about my stomach in comparison to the flat tummy's on screen. But there is no reason to compare myself to women who model for a living and feel bad about myself because I don't look like them. I thought of this example that made me feel better and made me stop "fat," shaming myself while watching the show: little boys don't watch NBA and shame themselves for not being 6'3", why should little girls watch women doing their job and shame themselves? There are different body types and some jobs call for certain ones that not everyone has.

4. The Models Deal With Constant Scrutiny About Their Bodies Too If That's Any Comfort

Kind of embarrassing, but I used to be a child model. And I remember being 12 and standing next to another blonde girl - she was thin as a Nilla wafer and under developed for her age. I was semi - developed and had curves for a 12 year old. The casting directors told me I was way too big and looked closer to 20 then 12 to my face - they scrutinized my hips, my thighs, my chest. Being a model is tough shit and people body shame constantly in the industry - models don't have it easy at all.

5. A Body For Everybody

The controversial VS slogan was once "the perfect body," to advertise their new Body by Victoria bra line. VS realized their mistake and changed the hurtful slogan immediately to "a body for everybody." The slogan inspired a #IAmPerfect trending hashtag from women across the country pledging their appreciation for their bodies. VS makes beautiful bras that makes every woman I know feel sexy daily, and that is something to celebrate.

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