5 Reasons Taking Over 16 Credit Hours Is A Terrible Idea

5 Reasons Taking Over 16 Credit Hours Is A Terrible Idea

You will drown.

When you first start college, you try and follow your major's suggested schedule. This is a huge mistake. With the stress of your social life, eating, and trying to load yourself up with knowledge, it is just too much for most people.

1. You will drown.

I, personally, am drowning. I decided to take it upon myself to take 19 hours, and it sucks. I've cried three times this week, and school started Tuesday.

2. The required materials will cost you too much.

If you're taking more than five classes, the books and other items your professors require from you really start to add up. I mean, $35 for a bag of rocks? Come on now...

3. The stress of all the assignments will hurt you mentally.

Most professors require huge projects and essays around the same time. It's brutal to have 3 research papers, a project, and a test to study for all due in the same week. Not to mention, when you're in the fetal position in the corner of the library, people will assume you're on crack.

4. Physically, you will make yourself sick.

It's not good for your health to be constantly worried and overworked. Trust me, you won't be able to keep food down, and the worst part is that you won't even lose weight.

5. It's just not a good idea.

If you ask around, taking a 7:30 a.m. class (not a good idea), eating McDonald's before a 5K run (not a good idea), and taking more than 16 credit hours in a semester (not a good idea).

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A Love Letter To The Girl Who Cares Too Much About Everyone But Herself

You, the girl with a heart full of love and no place big enough to store it all.


Our generation is so caught up in this notion that it's "cool" not to care about anything or anyone. I know you've tried to do just that.

I'm sure there was a brief moment where you genuinely believed you were capable of not caring, especially since you convinced everyone around you that you didn't. But that just isn't true, is it? Don't be ashamed of this, don't let anyone ridicule you for having emotions.

After everything life has put you through, you have still remained soft.

This is what makes you, you. This is what makes you beautiful. You care so deeply and love so boldly and it is incredible, never let the world take this from you.

Have Your Voice Heard: Become an Odyssey Creator

You are the girl who will give and give and give until you have absolutely nothing left. Some may see this as a weakness, an inconvenience, the perfect excuse to walk all over you. I know you try to make sense of it all, why someone you cared so much about would treat you the way they did.

You'll make excuses for them, rationalize it and turn it all around on yourself.

You'll tell yourself that maybe just maybe they will change even though you know deep down they won't. You gave them everything you had and it still feels as if they took it all and ran. When this happens, remind yourself that you are not a reflection of those who cannot love you. The way that people treat you does not define who you are. Tell yourself this every day, over and over until it sticks. Remind yourself that you are gold, darling, and sometimes they will prefer silver and that is OK.

I know you feel guilty when you have to say no to something, I know you feel like you are letting everyone you love down when you do. Listen to me, it is not your responsibility to tend to everyone else's feelings all the time. By all means, treat their feelings with care, but remember it is not the end of the world when you cannot help them right away.

Remember that it is OK to say no.

You don't have to take care of everyone else all the time. Sometimes it's OK to say no to lunch with your friends and just stay home in bed to watch Netflix when you need a minute for yourself. I know sometimes this is much easier said than done because you are worried about letting other people down, but please give it a try.

With all of this, please remember that you matter. Do not be afraid to take a step back and focus on yourself. You owe yourself the same kind of love and patience and kindness and everything that you have given everyone else. It is OK to think about and put yourself first. Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You are so incredibly loved even when it doesn't feel like it, please always remember that. You cannot fill others up when your own cup is empty. Take care of yourself.

Cover Image Credit: Charcoal Alley

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Even If It Is A Major Deal, It Is OK To Transfer

You might not get it right the first time around, but that doesn't mean you never will.


Transferring is often thought of as taboo, once you pick your school you stay there and that's it. Most of the time people don't want to admit that they're unhappy at the school they chose while everyone else is having a great time and I think that that's the hard part. It feels like you're the reason you're not having a good time and maybe you just need to wait it out a semester. People are afraid to talk about transferring because they see it as a bad thing when in the end, it could end up being the best decision you ever make. My transfer experience was definitely a challenge, but not one that I regret at all.

It's crazy that one day you're seventeen years old and following your simple daily high school routine and the next day you're expected to choose your future. I had no idea where I wanted to go to school, what major I wanted to be in, or a career I was even remotely interested. But I chose. I didn't want to go to the community college nearby because I felt like that wasn't good enough, another taboo that people need to get rid of. Community college is completely okay and often even a better choice for most people.

So, wanting that college experience I chose a university relatively close to home because that's where I thought everyone else wanted me to go. It was known for great academics and since I didn't know what I wanted to do that it would help me decide. I moved in, joined some clubs and selected a variety of classes to try to find what I liked. Unfortunately, I was blindsided by the fact that I was a college student, free to do whatever I wanted. Everything was so new to me that I thought I loved the school when really I just loved the new experiences. Don't get me wrong, I made great memories there. I had amazing friends that kept me going when it got tough.

Once the second-semester hit and those new experiences turned into old routines, I realized that I was not in the right place. I went home every chance I had and dreaded returning to school after breaks. I didn't enjoy any of the classes I was taking and I had found a major I liked that the school didn't have. The worst part was that I saw other kids from my graduating class has a great time at different schools and even at the same school and it made me wonder if it was just me. I was scared, scared to tell my friends from home, scared to tell my friends at school, scared to tell my family, scared to make the wrong decision again, and scared to admit to myself that I wanted to go through with finding a new school.

It wasn't until late March that I truly committed to applying to other schools. If you've ever applied to college then you know that March is late for trying to get admitted for the Fall semester. My biggest mistake in it all was being afraid to tell people that I was transferring. It left me alone going through the process of finding new schools, recommendations, and applications crunched into two weeks. The good thing was that unlike high school, I now knew what I was looking for in a college and I found it. The hardest part about leaving that university was leaving my friends there, but they knew it was what's best for me and I'm grateful that they were supportive and wish I had told them sooner.

Fast forward to August and I'm moving to a new university. However, instead of being two hours from home I'm now eight hours away. The distance has definitely been one of the biggest challenges to overcome, but all the people I've met here have helped me through it. I found my major with classes that I enjoy, joined new clubs, went to sporting events, explored new hikes and even joined a sorority which is something I never thought I'd do. Being here pushed me to try new things and become a better version of myself in ways that my old school didn't. It's different for everybody.

I told myself when I got here that even if I was unhappy I would have to stay here, there wouldn't be anymore transferring. In a way, I think that motivated me to go out and make the best of the situation by becoming involved. But I realized that I was genuinely happy, staying here wasn't an obligation, it was an easy choice.

Once I arrived here I immediately felt like I was accepted into a giant family. It sounds cliche, but there was a definite moment where I kind of just sat back and took in where I was and I knew that I was exactly where I belong. If you're unhappy where you are, don't be afraid to reach out. Your parents and friends will still love you and want to support you, the worst thing you can do is isolate yourself. It's okay to want to find happiness somewhere else, it's okay to transfer.

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