5 Positive Ways To Rise Above Negative Energy
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5 Positive Ways To Rise Above Negative Energy

and become totally awesome in the process.

5 Positive Ways To Rise Above Negative Energy
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For those of you who know me, know I live by a crucial rule. It is quite simple, but to this day it reigns true for every life situation I have come acorss to this day.

You either become it, or you rise above it.

Now, this can be a very broad statement by any standard, but the more I even think about it now, the more it rings powerfully in my ears. This statement gives me the grounds to re-evaluate the situation that I am in and figure out exactly how I am going to react to the situation. Thus, giving me the choice to either, you guessed it, become it, or rise above it. The statement has become such a staple in my life that I can see the results of where I am at now from rising above, to where I was when I became it. I hadn't always had the best life growing up, but instead of falling into the cycle of my parents, I chose to daydream, imagine, and focus on all of the possibilities that could become my life. We live in a world where people are truly discovering their emotional side, versus their logical side. It is evident that even on your own social media feeds, there are various arguments over one person's opinion over another. It can get quite brutal. And with that brutality comes the creeping feeling of my least favorite thing in the world.


When you open the door to the knock of negativity, it is only a matter of time before you can feel like you are in a hopeless situation. The focus around all those gorgeous dreams and ambitions suddenly fade away, turning into dust as everything becomes grayscale. It is hard to see past the moment. This is a crucial part of your pathway to rising above. In this moment, when you literally feel like nothing is going to formulate into anything like how you imagined.

This is your moment.

This is your time to rise above it. To shake off the cloak of depression. To perform a spring cleanup on your emotions and recognize just what is making you feel this way and how you can change your attitude about it. As terrifying as it can feel, especially when negativity realizes that you are about to flood it out with a positive ocean wave of greatness, the sooner you reset your clock, the better! This is how I pick myself back up when I thought I was out after three strikes.

1) I chat with my closest friends.

Finding a group of people that are aligned with your overall vision when you are at your best is SO important! I cannot stress this enough! Anytime I am feeling down, I immediately reach out to them and they jump into action - bringing up positive memories or what if senarios and I almost instantaneously shoot back up to the stars where I am accustomed to living.

2) I write.

For me, writing has become a theraputic outlet. I have pages and pages of hand written songs, short stories, as well as a laptop full of potential novels. As soon as I feel the spark of creativity, I let loose. (and it doesn't hurt that I can type extremely fast either.) I find that imagining what life would be like in great detail helps lift my spirits and gets me back on the train track of awesome.

3) I take a walk.


The sooner I get outside, the better. (weather permitting) For me, I know that when I am in my element, be it may exploring the city, or even getting out into the mountains, I have time to let my mind wander and explore all the possibilities of whatever my original goal was, bringing me back up to the top of the ladder. I feel refreshed and ready to get back to feeling and sharing those good time vibes.

4) I ask questions.

This may seem like an odd one, but I find that whenever I am down on the mood elevator, I am asking people I come across very open-ended questions about what makes them tick. "What is your greatest accomplishment?" is one of my personal favorites. I am freshly inspired by that persons face, as they tap into their own sense of wonder, and recognize their talents. It makes me so happy and ready to get back into the world when I hear how other people are out there being awesome.

5) I treat myself.

Even something as small as my favorite coffee (venti iced caramel coffee with coconut milk in case you were wondering.) helps get me back into the mood to groove. Allowing myself some time to spend just on myself brings me back up to a great positive space where I can rise above any situation that has me on the down and out.

Taking these steps is necessary for my well being. I find that if I jolt myself out of a potential "becoming it" situation, the quicker I can wade through the feelings of funk and get back to "rising above it" and letting my true vribrant colors shine through. I am able to recognize what is triggering me and I reset myself with a little bit of time to get back into my own mind and proritize what makes me feel good and helps me radiate positive energy. It is a work in progress, but even to this day I am getting closer and closer to a wonderful place I like to call #teamnobaddays

I will see you guys on the next train to awesometown.

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