5 Activities That Help You "De-stress" After A Long School Day
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5 Activities That Help You "De-stress" After A Long School Day

Stressed after school? No worries, I got you covered.

5 Activities That Help You "De-stress" After A Long School Day
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School is a stressful pit of despair for almost every individual, especially those in high school. Sometimes after school, you just need a break and a breather to help you survive and replenish again so you can do your homework and study for the next day. Here's a list of activities to help you "de-stress" after a long day at school:

1. Taking a nap

Believe it or not, taking naps is really good for your body as well as a prominent way to relax. Short naps are usually recommended for more alertness and this type of nap provides significant benefits for improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy. Most high-schoolers and even some middle schoolers are sleep deprived, getting only a minimal amount of sleep at night due to homework and extracurriculars. By taking naps, you can make up the sleep you missed at night and it won't interfere with nighttime sleep. Naps can also enhance performance, so when you wake up from one, you'll be able to focus more on your homework and do better the next day. If you want to be more alert while having better performance, choose this activity to "de-stress" after a long and hard school day.

2. Watching TV

Although watching TV is not recommended every day, it is a good way to decompress you after the horrors and atrocities of school. Watching your favorite show can make your day much better while giving you something very fun to do before starting your homework. Furthermore, TV can give you excitement, which is needed after a harsh day at school. Television can also provide inspiration, and this helps you do better because you develop more interests and compassions through watching something on a screen. If you're up for a little action, this activity may be the right one for you.

3. Playing a sport

Sometimes, physical activity is the way to go. Playing a sport is good for the mind and body, and it even helps you do better academically. If you play a team sport, this is good because it helps you develop skills such as accountability, dedication, leadership and confidence. Sports also help with teamwork and achieving goals, which you need to be able to do in a school environment. They also boost self-esteem and, most importantly, cut down on pressure and stress. Sports take your mind off things, which is exactly what you need right after school before diving back into homework. Don't be a couch potato, and play some sports to "de-stress" your mind today.

4. Listening to music

Music. Harmony. Voices. These all elevate your mood, put in you a good mindset and make sure you have a good time. While music can sometimes distract you while studying for a test, it is possibly the best way to "de-stress" and enhance yourself after a long and tiring day. This is why it is best to listen to music right after school so that you feel pumped up and ready to go. Music makes you happier while also lowering stress in your body. It also improves your health because listening to music decreases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. Since music helps elevate your mood, you'll be happy when you start your homework, and it won't feel like such a burden. Some studies even show that music increases verbal intelligence, which is a very important factor in education. Music not only gives you the "feels" but also "reels" you into the good times.

5. After-School Clubs

Clubs after school are perfect ways to take your mind off of school work and get you involved in something fun or something you enjoy. Whether it's a community service club or an instrument club, there's always something for everyone. Joining a club is not only beneficial for life, but for well-being. Being involved and being able to communicate with your friends is an essential part of being "de-stressed". Through clubs, your mind can de-compress from academic stuff you've been learning and focus on more things relating to what you like. Join a club after school today and I guarantee you won't be stressed after a long school day ever again.

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