42 Self-Care Tips
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Health and Wellness

42 Self-Care Tips

"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first." -Anonymous

42 Self-Care Tips

We all need a little self-care in our lives. In today’s world, we often forget to put ourselves first and we often forget to take a step back and really take care of ourselves. This is my friendly reminder to all of you that it’s okay to be a little selfish from time to time. So take a personal day once in awhile, a mental health day if you will, and treat yourself. Here are a couple ways to do just that. Enjoy!



  1. Take a nap
  2. Watch your favorite movie, even if it’s for the 10th time
  3. Binge watch your favorite TV show
  4. Take a long, relaxing bath
  5. Give yourself a pedicure
  6. Or a manicure
  7. Light a candle
  8. Go for a walk
  9. Play your favorite song, and have a dance party
  10. Make some cookies
  11. Make something that you have always wanted to try
  12. Stretch
  13. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for
  14. Sit out in the sun
  15. Have a lunch date with a friend
  16. Catch up with an old friend
  17. Do something that you have always wanted to do
  18. Cuddle with your pet
  19. Explore a nearby town
  20. Re-read your favorite book
  21. Get into bed early
  22. Do yoga
  23. Meditate
  24. Deep condition your hair
  25. Put on a face mask
  26. Do some online shopping
  27. Read some inspiring quotes
  28. Drink some tea
  29. Turn off your phone
  30. Go for a hike
  31. Wear your favorite outfit- look good, feel good!
  32. Enjoy the little things
  33. Color
  34. Go for a long drive and blast your favorite sing along songs
  35. Watch the sunset
  36. Watch the sunrise
  37. Look in the mirror and list 5 things you love about yourself
  38. Re-decorate your room
  39. Make a smoothie or a milkshake
  40. Take your time getting ready in the morning
  41. Smile
  42. And enjoy the little things
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