As my senior year wraps up, I've started to come across a sort of existential crisis. I've been waiting for the day I graduate and go off to college, but now I'm realizing there are things I have to worry about like paying for college, making food, making new friends, and just overall... what will happen next? All of us have these kinds of questions and thoughts rushing through our minds, so I figured I'd write down the ones that seem the most important.

1. What is college?

2. How do you cook food? Do I get to eat out every day now?

3. How often do I have to come visit?

4. Do I know anyone going to my college?

5. Where am I going to live?

6. How do I get a roommate?

7. What kind of people is going to be at my college?

8. Do I really have to go to school today?

9. What's the point in T4 when none of it matters?

10. Do I have to take my exams?

11. What are finals?

12. How much does tuition costs?

13. Where can I get scholarships?

14. Another college essay?

15. How big is my dorm room?

16. Are there any summer assignments?

17. Please don't let there be summer assignments

18. What am I going to do this summer?

19. Is college REALLY that hard?

20. What did I learn in the last 4 years?

21. When do I get my cap and gown?

22. What college are they going to?

23. I should've applied to that college (I SO would've gotten in)

24. Did I work that hard when I was an underclassman?

25. Did I pick the right major?

26. Can I change my major?

27. What jobs can I even get with this major?

28. If only I tried a little harder....oh well

29. Crap, I should really study for my AP Test tomorrow

30. What cords do I get?

31. How many tickets do I get for graduation?

32. I don't have to care about the second semester right?

33. If I fail this class can I still graduate?

34. Crap, I might fail this class

35. I need to talk to my counselor about this class

36. I wonder if this teacher has noticed me sleeping through their class every day

37. Does it even matter if they do notice?

38. I'm sleepy

39. No way I will EVER take an 8 a.m.

40. College = Freedommmmm!!!

41. College is gonna be great (I hope)!