4 Steps to a Healthier Self
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Health and Wellness

4 Steps to a Healthier Self

Easy lifestyle changes to try today

4 Steps to a Healthier Self
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Wanting to lose weight is easy. Losing the weight? Nearly impossible, or so I thought- until I found my keys to success.

Notice I said my* and not these keys to success because by now, you should have acknowledged that everyone’s body and build is uniquely different. Embracing this fact is crucial if you are beginning a weight loss journey.

Your body & build, is uniquely your own.

I stand roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall, (before) rested easy at 133-135 pounds and would have considered myself to be moderately active. I had put on about 15-20 lbs. my freshman year of college at 19 years old, only to settle back to my normal weight around 21 years old. I found myself having regular stomach issues, lack of energy and unable to gain/lose weight. I tried my fair share of Pinterest diets, including Paleo and the Military diet; the weight always returned and I seemed to lose even more stamina post diet plan.

Now, at 22 years old, I weigh 121 lbs., have zero intestinal issues, enjoy a regular sleep pattern and feel like the healthiest version of me. So what is my secret(s)?

  • Walk, Walk, Walk. Everywhere. Some credit is due to the fact I live in the city, without a vehicle, but even if you don’t live in the city, make time and an excuse to walk. To the grocery store, to class, to a local shopping strip, to a friend’s apartment- just start walking. Aim to walk an average of 5 miles/per day.
  • Say Goodbye to Dairy. This was a little easier for me, as I found as I was intolerant to dairy and borderline allergic to cheese, but cut it out! Dairy, milk most notably, has been proven to be unnecessary in adult diet of all mammals, that includes you. I credit ‘no dairy’ to be my number one reason for weight loss and for a healthier intestinal track. Not eating dairy will naturally tailor your diet and after awhile, you really don’t even miss it anymore. Unsure about it? Try it for two weeks and see how you feel.
  • Breakfast, Smoothie, Dinner. Simple. Breakfast? Oatmeal, a fiber bar, granola cereal (+soy milk), banana and peanut butter toast, turkey sausage and egg scramble, English muffin. Breakfast wakes up your metabolism and gives you the energy to start your day. Smoothie? (See my previous article for a great smoothie option). Smoothies keep you full and provides an adequate way to get your fruit serving in for the day. Plus, they keep you full which can eliminate the need for snacking. Dinner is dinner. Make sure to include a lean meat (turkey, fish, chicken), some rice/beans and veggies!
  • Healthy mind, healthy body. Treat yourself. Create a relaxing environment. Read a book. Commute without headphones and listen to the sounds around you. Find a new hobby. Call an old friend or relative. Get ahead of classwork, not behind. Plan a trip. Build financial security. Eliminate stressors to the best of your ability. The easier your mind is, the easier you are on your body.

Finding what works for you takes time and patience, embrace the journey.

*Always make sure to consult with you physician before embarking on any new regime regarding weight loss and remember to proceed in moderation.

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