4 Appropriate Ways to Punish Kids

4 Appropriate Ways to Punish Kids

Healthy ways to correct your kid's mistakes


Growth of a child is very important especially in the early development phases. Creating a good relationship with your child sets the foundation of how you will correct inappropriate behaviors. There are parents or guardians who incorporate harsh punishments to the children thinking that they should 'spare the rod and spoil the child.

They have no idea how much some of these ways mess up the mental being of the child. In this article I am focusing on the healthy ways you can correct your child, read on.

Guide and Counsel the Kid to Better Behavior

Kids can listen to their parents and guardians when they are being advised. Making the child understand that his or her actions are wrong could help remedy the situation.

According to Dr. Ben Siegel of AAP committee talks on Psychosocial Aspect of Child and Family Health, advises that talking to kids than encourage them to change. In many cases the children learn and avoid the same mistakes in future. This method is appropriate and promotes discipline in the kid.

Withdrawing Some Privileges

It's every parent's dream to offer the best life to their child. Some parents however grant their kids a lot of privileges in that they become quite comfortable. Children that tend to have this kind of comfort may sometimes become undisciplined.

It is worth mentioning that encouraging some kinds of comforts like using a phone or money being at their disposal does not help at all. For children to grow healthy, they have to learn to earn their privileges back by balancing their hobbies. Reducing the amount of time exposed to technology can help them develop interests in outdoor activities.

Using the Natural Consequence Approach

Letting children make their mistakes and learn from them builds them to responsible individuals as they grow up. This method is as effective because your kid gets to feel guilty about their action and feel the need to change or apologise.

This can be seen in an instance where the child wants to go outside and play but it might be too cold outside, you let him/her but advise to carry a jacket anyway. As a parent, you should be on the lookout to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

Imparting New Skills in Them

Spanking your kid every time they get out of line does not teach them how to be calm in angry situations. Parents and guardians should take it upon themselves to teach some new skills about life and how to deal with people like showing kindness.

This will reduce chances to misbehave every time. While doing this they should not forget to reward good behavior. Once in a while appreciate their effort in house chores, homework and good table manners. Motivation is key to everybody and kids need it most.

With the rise in technology, education has been made easy as their are online tutors. The kids can interact online while screen sharing and learning more from their tutors. various sites have been introduced to help impart such skills like Udemy and grade saver. parents can guide their children when using such sites to help out with their homework like grade saver .The urge to please their parents will make them take up good characters overtime and it shapes their future magnificently.

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