37 Things I Learned in 2016
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37 Things I Learned in 2016

In a busy year for my schooling, I realized that I learned a lot more than just chemistry and calculus.

37 Things I Learned in 2016
Lisa Adriani

1. January 1st is a very cold day for skiing

2. Kamala Harris is pretty awesome

3. Graduation is overrated

4. Sticky bras really suck when you're sweating in 100 degrees and wearing your graduation gown

5. Hamilton the Musical is pretty cool

6. Sometimes your friends are sad and it's not because of you

7. I love Oregon

8. You don't actually hate your sister's dog

9. Sailing can be as fun as it is scary

10. Divorce sucks

11.There are a lot of basketball hoops in my neighborhood

12. College is awesome

13. Sometimes, you miss the job you hated

14. 52 isn't old

15. Metabolism slows

16. I am very prone to senioritis

17. I am privileged

18. Saying goodbye is hard

19. People really like gay stereotypes

20. Jenna Marbles is possibly the best thing to happen to Youtube

21. I can survive without my sister

22. Dogs don't live forever

23. Your best friend is still your best friend, even if she's 900 miles away.

24. Don't backpack 14 miles in one day

25. New teachers mess up the old rhythm

26. Clouds are pretty

27. 50% on a test is not the end of the world

28. 15 minute naps between classes are heaven

29. Jazz choir is really awesome

30. I can drive to Pacific University from my house without a map

31. Make sure to check if your prom dress reaches the ground before prom night

32. Eyebrows are important to me

33. I can stay up until 5:30 in the morning

34. New friends are really cool

35. Just because you voted doesn't mean it will turn out the way you wanted

36. Dyeing hair is liberating

37. When your sister is showering and she suddenly starts screaming, there's something wrong

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