37 Things I'd Rather My Boyfriend Do Than Have To Go Through ANOTHER Snow Storm
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37 Things I'd Rather My Boyfriend Do Than Have To Go Through ANOTHER Snow Storm

Sit through 4 straight games of March Madness

37 Things I'd Rather My Boyfriend Do Than Have To Go Through ANOTHER Snow Storm
Meagan Shapiro

At this point in the year, and its MARCH, the only thing more annoying than dealing with a boy are the never ending winter storm watches in everyone's area.

It's the second day of Spring, I'm sick of this.

1. Have him play Fornite when I'm trying to tell him about my day

2. Have him have control of the AUX cord

3. Ask me "Are you mad?"

4. Leave my toilet seat up and finding it when I wake up to pee at 4am

5. Tell me his ex opened his Snapchat story

6. Make me it through four straight games of March Madness

7. Make me then listen to him whine about his bracket being busted for fifteen minutes

8. Text me five minutes before he's supposed to come over that Guys Night is running late

9. Text me "idk, what do you want to do"

10. Ask me to decide where to eat

11. Flood my Netflix suggestions with 'Top Gear'

12. Make me do his leg day routine

13. Have him grow a soul patch

14. Let him dress himself to church

15. Let him borrow my razor

16. Have him fart on me while watching Netflix

17. Sit through a lecture about dirtying his car

18. Have him name literally anything

19. Decorate my apartment

20. Have him yell at me for twenty minutes about how I am not treating my car right

21. Correct me

22. Say anything positive about Bella Thorne

23. Have him do my makeup

24. Tell me I'm wearing too much makeup

25. Literally, have him within arm's length of my makeup bag

26. Take all the covers on his side of the bed during a nap

27. Decide what we're watching on Netflix

28. Forget my birthday

29. Watch him chew with his mouth open for a whole meal

30. Say he's saving money and then get a snap that he's at Taco Bell with the boys

31. Say he's doing anything with 'the boys'

32. Use the phrase "Well if you weren't on that damn phone all the time"

33. Have him give me a driving lesson

34. Actually, have him say anything about my driving

35. Put an unflattering picture of me on his Snap story

36. Not properly edit a picture of us for the Gram

37. Dump me

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