30 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew
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30 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

Never tell us we eat too much

30 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

1. Nice guys do not finish last.

Yes, we are attracted to the cliche bad boy players whom we think we can change, but at the end of the day, every girl genuinely wants a guy who is her best friend, makes her laugh, treats her well, and keeps all his promises. Every girl wants to date a nice guy, I promise.

2. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

When pursuing a girl, seriously take things slow, but always show interest in her (and only her). The best girls are the ones that take the longest.

3. Stop posting selfies.

Yes, you're hot, but that selfie is too feminine for girls to be attracted to you.

4. It is very unattractive to hear guys talk about sororities and their rankings.

Chances are, you don't know what each sorority is actually like, and hearing you talk about the "top tier" one just makes you sound rude.

5. Be the kind of guy you would want you sister to date.

You would not want a boy to treat your little sister like a piece of meat, so why would you treat other boy's sisters in that way?

6. Being smart is very attractive.

Being dumb is a turn off.

7. Playing with children makes you more attractive.

It is actually one of the cutest things you can do. Dad material?

8. So does dressing up.

Girls love a guy with a good bow tie.

9. No, we don't all look like Victoria's Secret models.

But you don't look like a Calvin Klein model, so get over it.

10. Always hold the door open, even car doors.

Being a gentlemen never goes out of style.

11. Cheaters never win.

I should not even have to tell you this one. And if you do cheat, you can bet every one of her sorority sisters are out for you.

12. Sometimes we just need to vent.

When we seem mad about something, just let us vent and never disagree with us.

13. Never, ever tell us we are eating too much.

Never. Don't. You will regret it.

14. We are dramatic, we know.

We are working on it, though. And we are sorry for this one.

15. Girls will tell you often that they are "not like other girls."

The ones who are actually different don't have to tell you a million times that they are different.

16. Don't tweet your emotions.

Please don't.

17. Don't ever tell a girl she looks tired.

To girls, that means, "you look horrible and ugly; wow, I can tell you have no makeup on."

18. When you talk highly about your mom, we think it is attractive.

It is a good sign you will treat us well, one day.

19. Call us beautiful and gorgeous.

Don't just call us hot all the time. We do like to be told we are hot, but calling a girl beautiful has a better ring to it.

20. When you talk about other girls being not cute and ugly, it is a major turn off.

We begin to get insecure and assume you talk badly about us.

21. A lot of girls say they are "not looking for a relationship".

That does not mean if the right guy comes a long they will say no. These girls still would not pass down a great guy.

22. If a girl has no girl friends, that's usually a bad sign.

This is super important for y'all.

23. If you cannot figure out what to get a girl for a present, just plan a fun and personal date.

That beats any price tag.

24. We like pictures.

We like Insta-ing them and claiming you as our own. We like when you do the same, as well.

25. Text us first.

We get nervous texting you first. We shouldn't, but we do and love when guys make the first move.

26. We don't always have to be doing something to be having fun.

Sometimes, we just want to hang out and watch Netflix.

27. Sometimes we actually do want to pay for you.

You don't have to always pay.

28. If we have a brother, you have to have his approval.

No questions asked.

29. When you meet my dad, you have to give him a firm handshake.

30. As cheesy as it is, we pray for the man we will end up with.

And pray whoever you are that you are doing the same.

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