30 Truths Known By Anyone Who Attended Ohio State ATI
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Student Life

30 Truths Known By Anyone Who Attended Ohio State ATI

You wouldn't understand unless you were there.

30 Truths Known By Anyone Who Attended Ohio State ATI
Blake Fox

Located in the small town of Wooster, nestled in the heart of Wayne County, sits The Ohio State Univeristy - Agricultural Technical Insitute, or as we call it, ATI. ATI was a college unlike any other, one that students and alum have a love/hate relationship with at times. But, it did hold a lot of proud agriculturalists. Here are thirty things you know to be true if you went to ATI.

1. Move in weekend = livestock trailers everywhere

What else were you supposed to use?

2. You always hoped for the slightly bigger bedroom

Nothing sucked worse than when they started assigning what room who had.

3. You had apartments instead of dorms

And it did have some benefits tbh.

4. On-campus parking sucked

Your soul died a little when you had to park in the Skou lot.

5. We practically kept the Stop N' Go in business

Seriously, we went there for everything.

6. And Ice House

For obvious reasons

7. News of off-campus parties spread like wildfire

And just about the entire student body tried showing up.

8. There's no such thing as a secret

Basically like a glorified high school.

9. Missing class for National Convention or FSR was normal

Most teachers expected this to happen and put it in their syllabus.

10. COW kids are always the worst

I'm talking about you College of Wooster

11. People still drove to class even though it was five-minute walk

Especially when it was cold out.

12. Everyone wanted to be friends with the 21-year-old

Again for obvious reasons.

13. And everyone went home on the weekends

No matter how far their drive was.

14. Because it felt like Wooster had nothing to do

Except for maybe dollar bowling.

15. You've been to the swamps

To go mudding in someone's truck normally.

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16. You've heard of Tent City

If you went to ATI while it was still there you might have been slightly creeped out.

17. Farm sizes were acceptable bragging rights.

I just want to point out that we called someone 600 Acre Sam.

18. There were some interesting nicknames.

See above. If that's not enough there was also Tractors, Rub, Rutter and Tubs to name a few.

19. Some of the faculty will never leave.

LikeElder, Linden, Hollandsworth, Hostetler, Crook, Janini, Amstutz and Mick.

20. The Guerne was the place to go after a 'rough' night

They knew.

21. There was always someone who went there way too long

I don't have to name any names, you're thinking of someone.

22. You either drove a truck or complained about the people who did

Especially when they were loud at night.

23. Designated party apartments

Long live The Glory Hole and The Goat House.

24. You played Wisconsin

And maybe hated your life the next morning because of it

25. Farm Simulator was always on the TV

That wasn't a bad thing.

26. Everyone made fun of horse girls

Sorry horse bitc... I mean equine majors.

27. White Stitch Wednesdays

Need I say more?

28. Some of those apartments were WRECKED by move out

Good thing the paint store carried ATI White.

29. We did some redneck shit

Making double-decker furniture, being pulled behind the back of a truck on God knows what, catching stuff on fire, the works.

30. Part of you will always miss it

As much as you may complain about ATI or say it sucked, the little farm school in Wooster will always have a soft spot in your heart.

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