As we all know, Vine might just be one of the best creations our generation has offered to the world. Recently I saw some Twitter trends assigning vines to high schools in a certain area, and I thought I would assign some Vines to universities in Ohio. Obviously this is just my opinion on schools and their corresponding reputations as Vines. But I hope it will make you chuckle!

1. Miami University - Love and Honor!

Miami is the girl vaping, you are the guy saying "Wow."

2. Ohio University

I think this is what OU is like on Halloween.

3. THE Ohio State University

Ask any student at OSU to spell iridocyclitis; they probably had to spell it to get accepted.

4. Kent State University

KENT read, KENT write!

5. University of Cincinnati

Saying anything Chili's-related in the city where Skyline Chili's was founded will get you into a heated conversation on whether you've eaten there and if you liked it.

6. University of Dayton

You already know Trey is gonna play for UD basketball someday.

7. Case Western Reserve University

I know Case Western students get pretty crazy with their Nae Nae's.

8. Bowling Green State University

He is wearing the beautiful BGSU colors of brown and orange!

9. University of Toledo

I would not be surprised if this guy went to University of Toledo and then dropped out to make music on SoundCloud.

10. Ohio Wesleyan University

I know a country boy or two at OWU.

11. Xavier University

Xavier University's mascot was originally a blob. *Insert confused Gavin face*

12. Wright State University

This dog reminds me of the Wright State Raider.

13. Otterbein University

I know you Otterbein students enjoy your croissants!

14. Cedarville University

I would not be surprised if this was filmed in Cedarville, Ohio.

15. Cleveland State University

I don't know anyone who goes to Cleveland State University.

16. Ohio Northern University

How conversations between ONU students go.

What Vine do you think represents YOUR college?

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