30 Things You Leave Target With Instead Of What You Came For

30 Things You Leave Target With Instead Of What You Came For

I don't need it, but I want it, oh well, I'm buying it!

Oh Target, how I have such a love-hate relationship with you. No matter how much will power I think I have heading into that store, I somehow end up with a cart full of bags and an empty wallet. I tell myself it's all things I "have to have" or that they are all "necessities." Sometimes, I even walk out with bags full of items, but not the ONE item I went in for in the first place. I know I can't be the only person who does this.

With this being said, here are a few items you're guilty of buying instead of what you actually needed to get (I may or may not have bought all these items the last time I was here.)

1. 5 Head Floor Lamp

2. Pineapple Fairy String Lights

3. Cactus Fairy String Lights

4. "Treat Yo' Self" Novelty Lightbox

5. Metal Marquee Letters

6. Artificial Succulents

7. Wood Ladder Standing Floor Mirror

8. Gold Llama Bookends

9. Cork Bulletin Board

10. Sea Urchin Decorative Wall Decor

11. Extra Large Display Digital Alarm Clock White/Pine

12. Loft by Umbra Clip Photo Line

13. Feather Hooks (Set of 5)

14. Aroma 7-Cup Electric Water Kettle

15. Hashtags Ice Tray

16. Brita Mini Plus

17. Conair Extreme Fabric Steamer

18. Marble Post-It Notes

19. Marble Stapler

20. Case-Mate ID Pocket

21. iPhone 6/7 Case w/ Armband

22. Ribbon Hair Ties

23. Conair 2-In-1 Hot Air Brush

24. Tazo Classic Latte Chai Black Tea

25. Monster Trail Mix

26. Garden Veggie Straws

27. Boom Chicka Pop

28. Decorative Candle Warmer Gold Dot

29. S'ip By S'well Water Bottle

30. Neuro Bliss

Cover Image Credit: Schilbphoto Blog

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15 Actual Thoughts You Have While Wandering Around TJ Maxx

God bless TJ Maxx.


I recently went to TJ Maxx with a friend with the sole purpose of not buying anything. We literally looked at everything, though, and later, I walked out with half a dozen items I was not planning on buying. I'm just glad it was only six from the number of things I saw and liked.

Here were my thoughts as I wandered around TJ Maxx for an hour.

1. "A Michael Kors purse? I wonder how cheap it is..."

2. "Of course I have to check out the clearance section... except that's basically the entire store."

3. "I'm not sure what I would write in a notebook, but these are hella cute."

4. "This may look horrible on me but I'm going to try it on anyway."

5. "Maybe I should just look at some nice clothes for work. You can never have too many business casual clothes..."

6. "These Adidas shoes are so cheap yet still expensive."

7. "$5 makeup... How bad could it be?"

8. "American Eagle shorts for only $15?!"

9. "I can't carry all this stuff."

10. "Do I have a giftcard?"

11. "I want to decorate my house with everything in here."

12. "Oh, look, something I didn't need but buying anyway."

13. "Could I pull this off? It's cheap and looks good on the mannequin..."

14. "Yeah, I could use another phone case."

15. "Yes, I found what I wanted. No, I did not need any of this."

Cover Image Credit:

eleventhgorgeous / YouTube

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5 Reasons I Am Not Ashamed To Be Addicted To Target

Target is the love of my life and I am not afraid to admit it.

I'm not even going to try and beat around the bush here. Everyone has experienced love at first sight when shopping at Target. They have everything that your little heart could want under one giant roof. The long aisles of glorious goodies are packed full of happiness. Target will never fail you. You will always feel surrounded by hugs when pushing the big, red cart through each magical aisle. Come along with me and discover five reasons why Target is my best friend.

1. The snacks in the food court suck you in.

They know ahead of time that you are going to be trapped in the store for hours, and obviously, you’re going to get hungry. So it’s a no-brainer that you have to go grab a slushy and a bag of popcorn while you glide effortlessly through the stores while shopping for your favorite things ever. This can be such a dangerous duo, but it is the best.

2. Target is so wallet-friendly it's not even funny.

You're probably laughing at this one, but see, the thing is everything is so cheap that you feel the need to buy it all. So it's not necessarily that it's not wallet-friendly, it's just that you lack self-control, but really though, do you even have a problem with this issue? I didn't think so. You need everything that you have picked out.

3. It houses everything that you could ever need.

Even if you don't think you need something, you do. Target is there to remind you that your life isn't complete without that rose gold mug or that dumb makeup pallet that you just have to have. Don't even hesitate, grab a cart and get started.

4. Everyone is silently cheering for you.

You may have come to Target alone, but once you roll past the automatic doors there is a fan club waiting for you. As you conquer each department, there is another one around the corner cheering you on. Come on, you can do it! Pick out everything that you love and pack it in your cart.

5. It's the best hangout spot ever.

hot dog halloween GIF

I'm embarrassed to admit how many countless hours I have spent doing literally nothing productive in the store. The most dangerous thing to do to yourself is to enter a Target without an agenda. Usually, you will get caught up in the Halloween aisle making your friend try on all of the most fashionable costumes.

So there you have it. I am a Target addict and I am happy to admit it. Target is always there for me. It soothes my aching heart and compresses the stress when needed. Let's get real, everyone has a little Target addiction down in their soul. Some are just careful to unleash the power.

Cover Image Credit: Charlie Deets

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