30 Things You Leave Target With Instead Of What You Came For

30 Things You Leave Target With Instead Of What You Came For

I don't need it, but I want it, oh well, I'm buying it!

Oh Target, how I have such a love-hate relationship with you. No matter how much will power I think I have heading into that store, I somehow end up with a cart full of bags and an empty wallet. I tell myself it's all things I "have to have" or that they are all "necessities." Sometimes, I even walk out with bags full of items, but not the ONE item I went in for in the first place. I know I can't be the only person who does this.

With this being said, here are a few items you're guilty of buying instead of what you actually needed to get (I may or may not have bought all these items the last time I was here.)

1. 5 Head Floor Lamp

2. Pineapple Fairy String Lights

3. Cactus Fairy String Lights

4. "Treat Yo' Self" Novelty Lightbox

5. Metal Marquee Letters

6. Artificial Succulents

7. Wood Ladder Standing Floor Mirror

8. Gold Llama Bookends

9. Cork Bulletin Board

10. Sea Urchin Decorative Wall Decor

11. Extra Large Display Digital Alarm Clock White/Pine

12. Loft by Umbra Clip Photo Line

13. Feather Hooks (Set of 5)

14. Aroma 7-Cup Electric Water Kettle

15. Hashtags Ice Tray

16. Brita Mini Plus

17. Conair Extreme Fabric Steamer

18. Marble Post-It Notes

19. Marble Stapler

20. Case-Mate ID Pocket

21. iPhone 6/7 Case w/ Armband

22. Ribbon Hair Ties

23. Conair 2-In-1 Hot Air Brush

24. Tazo Classic Latte Chai Black Tea

25. Monster Trail Mix

26. Garden Veggie Straws

27. Boom Chicka Pop

28. Decorative Candle Warmer Gold Dot

29. S'ip By S'well Water Bottle

30. Neuro Bliss

Cover Image Credit: Schilbphoto Blog

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10 Struggles Of Working At A Store That's Going Out Of Business

Store closings bring out the worst in people.

At the beginning of March, I found out the Payless I work at is going out of business. We then put the closing and everything must go posters up, and began the wonderful percentage off sales. Customers aren’t making this store closing easy. Here are 10 struggles I encounter working at a store that’s going out of business.

1. Can I use my coupon?

There are only 10 signs in the store that says no coupons accepted. Every item in the store is on sale, so technically you don't need a coupon.

2. Can I do a return or exchange?

This one probably gets the most people upset. Even though their store is full of yellow signs that say "All sales final", we still get asked. Well since this store is going out of business our main goal is to get rid of all of the merchandise, we obviously can’t do returns or exchanges. How could we close the store if we’re constantly getting the merchandise back? Sometimes they say to me "I read your sign but can I please still return?"

3. Is there anything on sale?

Yes, the entire store is on sale, since we're going out of business.The hundreds of signs you just walked by say the sales.

4. Why are you closing?

I get this question a million times a day! I’m not exactly sure why. I’ve heard many different reasons.

5. Where is this store going?

Nowhere...since we’re closing? Please stop asking! The poster says store closing does not store moving. One poster even gives the two nearest locations.

6. Do you have any shoes in the back?

More than half of the racks are empty, we don't have any shoes in the back. If we did have shoes in the back, we would put them out on the rack that way we can sell our merchandise.

7. There’s nothing in my size!

The store closes in less than 2 weeks. What exactly did you expect to be left? Once a store announces they're closing people BUY like crazy!

8. There’s nothing cute left.

I’m sorry but since we’ve been liquidating for a month now, people took all the good things in the beginning.

9. This isn’t a sale.

Even though the entire store is 40%-60% off customers still complain and want items for even cheaper prices. I've had a few customers pick up a shoe and say "ONLY 60% OFF?! I want this 90% off!!" Well, we're not a flea market, we're a multinational company and we can't give you 90% off, the company still needs to make money before we officially close our doors.

10. Do you still have a job? Good luck with everything.

This is the nicest thing customers say to me because, it shows that some customers genuinely care about us, and they understand that what we're going through isn't easy.

Cover Image Credit: Aaliyah Pina

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Surviving A Target Visit Calls For More Than You May Think

That red logo, the shiny carts, the happy people; it is a danger zone for your wallet.

A few weeks ago, I started to make a list of household items such as shampoo, Febreeze, and Tupperware, that I needed in my dorm. I let the list kind of grow on its own, adding a few items every other day or so. Next thing I knew, it was time to go shopping. But then, I had to leave UCF and go home for a family emergency. I basically dropped everything and left, packing all of my clothes, not expecting how long I would be gone.

A week or so later, I made the drive from home back to UCF. As I dropped all of my belongings on my bed, unpacked my bag of clothes, organizing my school work on my desk, and cleaning the dust off my dressers, I began to unwind and feel back at “home.” Everything was put back in its place and I felt ready for bed, wanting to get some extra sleep, believing I was ready for my routine to begin.

Suddenly, a little voice told me “you need to go to Target!” I shot up, grabbed my keys and phone, and headed to Target. Thank goodness Target stays open so late because it was already past my bedtime. I whipped into the parking lot and marched into the store, grabbing the shiny red cart and preparing to start at the groceries and loop around in my normal route. I was ready to tackle my list and check it twice.

But there was a problem. As I’m searching and searching through my thoughts and my belongings, I realized I forgot my long list I had been so focused on filling out. “Whatever, I don’t need it, I know what I need,” I told myself. But Target replied, “Yes, don't worry, I know what you need,” and the Pandora Box of Target’s tricks and toys exploded in my face. After an hour of walking around, and 2 reminders over the intercom that the store was preparing to close, I had a shiny red cart full of all the things Target knew I needed. Things like orange juice, a cute dress, a scarf, Tupperware, a vegetable peeler, a cute decoration for my wall, jump rope, candle, and so much more. With a cart full of tricks and toys, I was ready to happily get my 5% off my entire purchase.

But then, another problem. I’m searching through my purchases and I realize my wallet is not at the bottom of them. I realized very quickly that my wallet is happily stored away in my book bag, ready to start my new routine the next day. I stood there in disbelief. I had come to Target, opened Pandora’s Box, happily strolled through all the sections, touching all the products, picking through, grabbing everything, and proudly made it to the self-checkout. And now, I had to close the box and leave empty-handed. I told the cashier the situation, and all she did was put her hand on my shoulder and say, “it’s okay, you’ll be back”. I walked out with my head low, got into my car, and drove back to my little dorm.

Suddenly, I really realized what had just happened. I had made it out of Target with nothing in my hands. That has never happened. The more I thought about that trip to target as I drove away, the more I realized that I was only of the lucky ones. I was one of the lucky ones who survived Target’s Pandora Box of tricks. Everything I had in my cart was nothing I needed from my list. I had lost myself the second I walked into the store without my list, and Target took advantage of me. But I came out on top, and I felt somewhat proud that I didn’t buy anything. I was proud that the Pandora Box was closed, and my wallet was nicely intact.

However, I went back the next day and bought way more than I should of. So I’m not really sure how long that pride lasted, but it was sweet while it did. All I've got to say is good luck to all Target shoppers because the only way you can survive a loop around the isles is to not bring your wallet.

Cover Image Credit: Google

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