28 Reasons You Should Dump Your Idiot Boyfriend
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28 Reasons You Should Dump Your Idiot Boyfriend

He sure knows how to clear a room.

28 Reasons You Should Dump Your Idiot Boyfriend

1. Your dogs don’t like him

I don't know what it is about animals, but they can sense when someone sucks. They know when someone is a subpar human being. Trust their judgment.

2. He always makes excuses for why he can’t hang out.

I know that people can't hang out 24/7. He probably has a life outside of dating you (I know it's weird). But if y'all make plans and he consistently makes up some excuse or he stands you up, you've probably got yourself a grand ole asshole.

3. Even though he always has excuses for why he can’t hang, he always expects you to drop everything to hang with him.

Oh, but when you're busy, it turns into you cheating on him or some nonsense.

4. He rags on you ALL THE TIME and you honestly don’t know if he’s kidding.

He'll "joke" about your insecurities and you don't really know if he's kidding or what.

5. He ugly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? And if the beholder thinks he's ugly, well, then he's ugly. No one is cute enough to treat you like dirt, but he definitely can't treat you like trash if he ugly. Hot + mean = bad ugly + mean = extra bad

6. He passive aggressively belittles you.

It's kind of like the joking thing. These are microaggressions. They are hard to explain but easy to point out.

7. He calls you things like hoe, slut, whore, bitch etc.

What EVER. I ain't ever claimed to be a saint anyway. Bonus points if he calls you any of this over your bodycount. It literally does not matter what your bodycount is. You are more than a silly number. More bonus points if he calls your friends a "team of hoes." (We prefer merry band of whores, but OK.)

8. He berates you for your religion, political views, beliefs, dreams etc.

Don't let anyone poo on your beliefs. Ever. Who even does that? Oh yeah, your idiot boyfriend.

9. He's some kind of -ist.

He's a racist or a sexist. That's a telltale sign of intellectual mediocrity anyway.

10. Your friends don’t like him.

If your friends don't like him, chances are he's a moron.

11. When you tell other people about him, they ask you why the hell you’re still with him.

You never have anything good to say about him, so people start to wonder why you haven't left him already.

12. Your family don’t like him.

This right here is a deal breaker for me. If my fam doesn't like a dude, he's out. I love the holidays and my fam too much to let my douchey boyfriend ruin it for me.

13. He talks shat about your family, friends, school, town, and literally anything else you love.

Bonus points: he talks shat about your school, your friends, your teams, interests etc., but his are the best. Everything he does is superior to you.

14. He gives you his unsolicited and unwelcome criticisms ALL THE TIME.

Nothing pisses me off more than when a guy, or anyone, gives me unsolicited "advice." Uh, if I cared I would've asked. Buh-bye. Bonus points: he goes through your social media and tells you what he likes and what he doesn't.

15. He hits you.

Girl, if he hits you, you LEAVE. You bounce out. None of that today. You press charges. If you've ever listened to a country song about men hitting women, you know how it ends...

16. He fits the description of a guy in a Carrie Underwood song.

And they all end up dead.


17. He pressures you into things you don't want to do.

It's so annoying. You want to go out with your friends, not stay in. Or you want to stay in and he wants to go out. Bonus d-bag points: he tries pressures you into sex. He's manipulative and gross. He's an idiot

18. He can't take a joke.

He can throw jokes all day long, but as soon as you do it's game over and he's butthurt.

19. His friends are losers.

Bonus points if he lets them disrespect you!

20. He mooches off of you.

You pay for EVERYTHING. He doesn't even offer. He literally just expects you to pay and then when you say something he'll bring up the time he paid for y'all's two for $22 meal Chili's.

21. His personal hygiene habits could use some work.

He needs to shave, bathe, wash himself, brush his teeth, look into dental work and deodorant. He's a pig and you're always cleaning him up or up after him.

22. He has an unsavory attitude.

He's the guy people hope isn't coming with. They'll ask if he's coming and if you say yes, magically something will come up. People cringe when he opens his mouth.

23. He’s lazy.

He sits around all day and expects you to do everything. He doesn't have a job, or any redeeming qualities, really.

24. He's controlling.

He decides where y'all eat, where y'all go out, who you talk to, what you do, what you buy, what you wear, how you do your makeup, what you post etc. He might even try to control your bowel movements. He's awful.



16. His performance is very underwhelming.

Need I say more?

27. He reminds you how “lucky” you are to be with him.

He reminds you of how good he is to you and how lucky you are in hopes you forget how horrible of a person he is.

28. He makes you feel insecure.

Since you've been with him you've felt unsure about yourself. You second guess everything. Boyfriends are supposed to be a part of your support system. They're there to build you up when you need a lil motivation. No one in that system is supposed to break you down or make you feel bad. You're fabulous and deserve better.

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