26 Guys You Date In College, As Told By Fast Food Chains

1. A&W

Do you ever get one of those guys who loves old time values? He still holds the door open for you and pays for meals? He isn't just someone who sits on Tinder or Bumble his whole life? This is your A&W guy. He's the one that is always in a relationship because he is really good looking, but when he is out of a relationship he is swarmed by girls and almost gets back into one immediately.

2. Arby's

This guy lives at the gym and is absolutely in love with himself. He's the one that has a really nice body as all the girls want him but he actually isn't really that hot. His Instagram is incredibly annoying and he spends all of his life in the gym. He is never really in a relationship because he gets blacked out at the bars and kicked out before he actually gets the chance to talk to a girl. It's okay, though, because he has his "bros".

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3. Burger King

You ever see that wanna-be-frat-boy that isn't actually in a frat? This is Burger King, and Mr. Burger King is an imposter. When you're on a road trip or drunk at four o'clock in the morning do you ever think, "Oh man, I'm really craving Burger King right now?" No. This guy wears Sperry's and always talks about how many "bitches" he gets when his body count is probably like two.

4. Chick-fil-A

This is that good guy that everyone wants in their life. He's good looking and has a good personality. He is a Christian athlete and the most intimidating thing about him will be meeting his parents. Seriously, you better hope that you don't have any tattoos, piercings, or wear too much makeup or you're not gonna make it past the first time meeting his extremely religious family. Your first time eating dinner with them they will probably ask you if you're saving your virginity until marriage.

5. Chipotle

This is the guy that all the girls love because of his looks. He seems so nice too, and that's exactly how he gets you. On the outside, he looks perfect, but in reality, he is a horrible person. He lures you in, then cheats on you. There are better men out there for you (Qdoba).

6. Culver's

This is that skater boy that you for some reason had a weird crush on in middle school then you realized he was going nowhere in life. He has that shaggy hair and still shops at Hot Topic. He also skateboards around your campus with his greasy hair flowing in the wind.

7. Dairy Queen

This is that guy that really doesn't want any attention. He's average and just sits back and is always with his "bros". He's decent looking and does just about everything such as playing intermural sports and joining a fraternity. He also probably drives as older Impala. You go to him when you need advice on other guys.

8. Domino's

This is that guy that is so bad for you. You went on one date with him and then he won't leave you alone. You want to say that you want him to leave you alone but a small part of you loves the attention that you get from him. He's always showing up at your door when you least expect it trying to win your heart back. He also blows up your phone.

9. Jack in the Box

He's cheap. If you want a guy who is going to take you to The Melting Pot on your one year anniversary, this is not your guy. He is also the one that's like, "Girls should pay for their meal and I will pay for my own."

10. Jimmy Johns

This is the guy that you love because of his personality. He's cute, but he's not that good looking. His personality is the best, though, and girls love him for that.

11. Lion's Choice

He has an extremely hot body and is majoring in criminal justice. His smile can make your heart melt, but he's extremely hard to get. He plays baseball and is very humble about how great he is.

12. Long John Silver's

This is the guy that sits behind you in math class. He's cute, but you've never heard of him. You'd like to get to know him more, but you never make the effort because so many options are easier.

13. McDonald's

Every girl adores him and you literally have no clue why. He has never been in a relationship in his life and he is ugly, but girls throw themselves at him. He is probably his fraternity president and wins all of the sorority male beauty pageants. He is the king, but it doesn't really make sense why because there really isn't anything that special about him.

14. Noodles & Company

This is your love at first sight. You swipe right to him on Bumble or Tinder and then he messages you once and never messages back again. You never see him out anywhere either, except maybe once or twice.

15. Panera Bread

Let's get one thing straight, it's not Panera, it's Bread Co. It's titled Panera for those of you who didn't know that. This is the guy that is extremely focused on his career. He is an engineering major and his idea of a date is going to the library and studying. He will buy you coffee, though. He's good husband material. Keep him around.

16. Papa John's Pizza

Rebound. Total rebound. This is the guy that you go after because he is easy to get.

17. Qdoba

This is the guy that has good looks and also a good personality, but it seems too good to be true. He really is actually genuine, though, but he takes forever to commit. He is the total package, but extremely hard to get.

18. Quiznos

This is the guy that you swipe left to but then realize in person that he actually is pretty good looking. It's something that you would never expect.

19. Sonic

The class clown. He is the one that is always cracking jokes in class but you literally never see him anywhere other than class. Does he have a life outside of making your professor mad? Good question. He's funny, though.

20. Starbucks

"I only wear Ralph Lauren shirts, Michael Kors watches, and Sperrys." This is the guy that thinks he is the best because his parents have a bunch of money. He is constantly flaunting his new sports car and he is triggered that discount stores like TJ Maxx and Plato's closet would ever exist. He's the "you can beat me up but my parents will sue" guy.

21. Steak 'N Shake

This guy always has to be around people or he literally freaks out. You never see him alone. He is always doing something. He is that friend that always tags along with all of the guys, but he is a part of live seven hundred different friend groups.

22. Subway

He carries around a jug of water and thinks he is a body builder when in reality he just fat. He is flexing in every single picture that he ever takes.

23. Taco Bell

He sends you a 2 a.m. text to come over. Each time you tell yourself that you aren't going to do it, but you always end up doing it. He is an impulse decision that you regret later, but you can't get enough of him.

24. Wendy's

This is that creepy kid with the red hair that sits behind you in math class. You got his number and asked him to send you his notes once and now we won't stop texting you. Run.

25. Whataburger

That foreign exchange student that all the girls want, but he is only around for a short period of time. He becomes a total douchebag and leaves you feeling sick to your stomach.

26. White Castle

This is that overweight guy who makes everyone laugh and everyone loves. He always has a smile on his face and loves to have fun.

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