26 Thoughts We All Had During The 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

26 Thoughts We All Had During The 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

From performances and bras to stumbles and falls.

Every year, I look forward to watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I love finding out what city will host the show, who will be honored by wearing the Fantasy Bra, how much the Fantasy Bra ended up costing (usually in a couple of millions) and who gets to perform on the catwalk.

Watching with my sister or friends is always a treat and the comments made along the way just make it even better. Here are the 30 thoughts I (and probably everyone else) had while watching this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

1. OMG it's Harry Styles

2. How do they walk in that?!

3. I wonder how heavy those wings are

4. I bet Bella Hadid is happy she doesn't have to walk past an ex boyfriend this year


6. Aw, that is sweet that Gizele Oliveira helped her up and gave her a chance to shine :')


8. I feel horrible for Ming

9. How

10. Do

11. They

12. Look

13. Like

14. THIS!!!!

15. I need to work out now

16. But I'll never look them because of genetics

17. So I guess I'll just work out later and hope for the best

18. I love how they all blow kisses

19. YES I love you TOO!!!!!

20. Now they all look like Greek goddesses

21. How are you wearing those crazy wings and STILL look amazing


23. Alessandra Ambrosio has been doing this for 17 years and she is still SO BEAUTIFUL

24. Wow that was amazing

25. Time to wallow in self-pity for a little bit...

26. But still can't wait for next year!

Cover Image Credit: fashionista.com

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13 Things That Happen When College Girls Try On A New Bathing Suit

Do I really even need another bathing suit? Yes, the answer is yes.

Spring Break is creeping up on us, guys and gals. It will be a blast when it comes, but the preparation is the worst, amirite?

At the top of the list: bathing suits. Every girl knows that trying to find the perfect bathing suit is THE WORST. Whether the carrier doesn't have your size or if the bottoms make your booty look like a saggy diaper, it is just awful.

1. Thinking you will look like a goddess in the first suit you pick out and realizing how wrong you were.

how you think you look:

2. Thinking about how gross it is that someone else has probably tried on this EXACT swimsuit.

Always wear your underwear while trying things on!

3. Trying to tie the suit properly, but knowing this task is nearly impossible as a one-person job.

Not even a human pretzel person could do this alone.

4. Thinking you matched the top and bottom, but the top is teal and the bottom is aqua.

The horror.

5. Trying to figure out all the straps like...

It's like Atlanta spaghetti junction.

6. Thinking "My muffin top is a whole muffin now."

The best part of a muffin is all of it.

7. Finding it disgusting when your chest looks like two deflated balloons in a particularly cute top.

Accurate depiction:

8. Being confused as to why you have to pay for two items when it is ONE BATHING SUIT.


9. Grabbing a one-piece just in case, but realizing you look like a busted can of biscuits in it.

Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. Wishing you hadn't eaten late night pizza all those nights before, but knowing you're going to do it again.

10. Contemplating ordering online.

But how will I know if it fits right? Plus, shipping is a no for me.

11. Being completely washed out by an extremely cute color.

Curse my skin tone. Curse it, I say!

12. "Why did I even come today? My old bathing suits are perfectly fine... except they're not new."

I just wanted something nice and new and I'm feeling so attacked right now.

13. Just buying something else not related to swimwear while accepting defeat.

Swimsuit industry:

Cover Image Credit: Taylor Coffrey

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Dear Uggs, I'm Sorry It Took Me So Long To Wear You

I promise that I'll never put you back in the box again.

I remember opening the huge beige box on Christmas Day of freshman year and not believing what I saw: a pair of tall, chestnut-colored boots with three buttons down each side and the ever-recognizable square "UGG" tag on the back. I was both shocked and grateful, not knowing what to do with these shoes.

You're probably thinking, Duh, just wear the UGGS already! But it actually took me a long time to warm up to these uber-comfy boots. And by a long time, I mean at least five years.

That's right—I rarely took my UGGS out of their original beige box during those five years, and I wore them in public even less frequently than that. I even kept the original cardboard pieces that you stuff inside the shoes to preserve the shape of the toes.

I guess I cared more about keeping them in good shape than I did about wearing them. It wasn't until my junior year of college that I decided to give my UGGS one last chance to prove it to me. And I have to admit, they did not disappoint.

I started wearing these bad babies on a frequent basis in January, and they've become my favorite fashion accessory and ultimate cold-weather staple. When I wear them to class in negative 12-degree weather, my feet and calves stay toasty-warm (I don't even have to wear thick socks to experience warm toes!) Plus, the soles are cushioned, which makes them so comfortable to walk in.

I literally feel like I'm stepping on clouds when I wear my UGGS.

I also love how they compliment even the simplest of outfits. I can wear leggings and a long shirt with my UGGS and feel perfectly fine about myself. Or, I can wear blue jeans and a sweatshirt and feel even more cozy. They're so versatile to work with (brown boots match almost everything), and I get so excited when I decide to wear my UGGs—even if it's just for a few hours while I'm doing homework at the end of the day.

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable boots in the wintertime. Even if you don't own a pair of legitimate UGGS, you can still rock the look by purchasing similar styles at Target or Payless Shoes (my personal favorite places to shop for shoes). If you're worried about appearances, just remember that no one will think twice if they see you walking around campus all bundled up in furry boots and a long coat and mittens.

Winter fashion is about what keeps you warm, happy, and comfortable on the most chilly days of the year. So go for it—wear the UGGS already, and give your feet the comfort they deserve.

Cover Image Credit: mantfly via Pixabay

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