26 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Panther Nation
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26 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Panther Nation

For all the die-hard Panthers fans out there.

26 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Panther Nation

1. You have the signature Panther Growl as a ringtone option on your phone.

2. You've never gone a game day without proudly sporting your jersey.

3. If you're a girl, you want to marry Luke Kuechly, and no one else will ever live up to those standards.

4. You believe that Brentin Bersin is your soulmate because he went to Wofford and so you do.

6. You've definitely had your entire face painted as a kid going to the games (and maybe a little older too).

7. You miss the days of Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, John Kasey, Muhsin Muhammad, Julius Peppers, and John Fox.

9. You consider yourself to be on a first-name basis with Jerry Richardson.

10. You would love to take a trip to Vegas with Riverboat Ron.

11. You were totally going to skip school if the Panthers had won the Superbowl in 2004, and you've never been able to get over the loss to the Patriots so you will forever have a vendetta against them.

12. Even during the rough patches, you still went to or watched every single game.

13. Purrcussion is the only marching band you've ever enjoyed listening to.

14. When you were little, all you ever wanted to be was a Top Cat or Sir Purr.

15. You've never left the Stadium without taking a Snapchat to document the experience and make everyone who's not there jealous.

16. You know you're home when you drive by the stadium, and you get all warm and fuzzy inside.

17. You own an "Ice Up Son" tee-shirt.

18. Your life goal is to have a family as cute as Greg Olsen's.

19. It's not game day without some Bojangles.

20. You have Panther gear from every stage of your life.

21. You live to see superman Cam after a touchdown.

22. You hate the Saints and Falcons for no good reason.

23. You've watched every single Panthers hype video on Youtube, as well as made your own.

24. You recognize what a beast Mike Tolbert is.

24. You've instagrammed at least five pictures of Cam or Luke while getting hyped for game days.

25. Your fantasy team consists of the entire Panthers starting lineup.

26. You're about to go change into your Panthers jersey because you're already wishing it was gameday again.


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