25 Signs That You're A Hardcore Chicago Blackhawks Fan

I have been a Chicago Blackhawks fan since I was a kid, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little crazy. I have decided to use my years of experience to discover 25 signs that you might just be as psycho as not only myself but almost every Blackhawks fan out there.

1. Trades get personal.

So Saad nobody Shaw these not so Sharp trades coming.

2. This GIF makes you want to cry.

Too soon, way too soon.

3. You spend more money on fan gear than you are ever willing to admit.

It's not our fault that jerseys are so expensive, yet so necessary for everyday life.

4. You have never loved an item of clothing more than your favorite player's jersey.

When it's that expensive, it's basically your child.

5. You have had to pronounce the name on your jersey to others multiple times, and are sick of it.

No, it's not pronounced "toes."

6. Seeing someone else in a Hawks shirt in public is finding a new friend.

We're basically a family. Except there's millions of us.

7. There is no such thing as an inappropriate time for a Blues joke.

Why can't you buy a drink in St Louis? No cups.

8. You have multiple Patrick Kane memes saved on your phone because you never know when they'll be useful in conversations.

This strategy never fails.

9. The USA vs. Canada game in the Olympics is an epic showdown.

It only comes every four years, but it's so worth it.

10. October is the best month of the year.


11. The most wonderful time of the year isn't the holidays, it's the playoffs.

Two to eight weeks of literal insanity.

12. Playoff beards and other traditions are sacred.

Don't mess with tradition. Just don't.

13. Sometimes there is only one cure to the stress you endure in games.

Win or lose, we still booze.

14. Behavior during overtime is equivalent to Coach Q on the bench.

Yeah it gets intense.

15. When someone says Jonathan Toews isn't the best captain in the NHL you know there is no way you will get along.

Any argument you have is invalid.

16. Nothing beats Corey Crawford making a speech at victory parades.

In Crow We Trust.

17. Kane and Toews are #friendshipgoals at their finest.

They're literally perfect.

18. Panera Bread has a special place in your heart.

You literally can't call yourself a Blackhawks fan if you don't get this joke.

19. If you didn't almost have a heart attack, it wasn't a good game.

It's just a part of the game.

20. Playoff losses are the worst and usually end in emotional breakdowns.

Sometimes you just need to cry.

21. You have gone to work or school with little sleep due to staying up late for a playoff game.

Worth it.

22. Playoff elimination is the worst feeling ever.

Michael Scott gets it.

23. Because there is nothing better than winning the Stanley Cup.

Lord Stanley belongs in Chicago.

24. But you stick with the team through the good times and the bad.

You don't deserve to enjoy a championship if you weren't there to endure the tough times.

25. Because you're black and red until you're dead.

Blackhawks forever.

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