The transition from high school to college is not easy, but you made it and you moved into a room the size of a shoebox with a stranger, ahhhh freshman roomies. You probably are hometown acquaintances, met on Facebook or randoms though the school’s questionnaire. No matter how you found your way to each other, you did, and on that move in day you walked in hoping that you weren’t about to end up with a psycho passive aggressive roommate. If you were one of the lucky ones you hugged hello to your freshman roomie not knowing she was about to become your best friend. No other year of my life has been filled with more ups and downs than the notorious freshman year of college. Through and through all the rough times one person remained constant, my roommate. It’s time to thank the person who carried me through the blur that we refer to as freshman year.

Thank you,

  1. For being my caf buddy.
  2. For the all the nights you made me go out, even if I really didn't want to.
  3. And for the nights you made me stay in, even though I really wanted to go out.
  4. For making our a little 4 x 4 humble abode a 'no judgement zone’
  5. For forcing me to go to the gym.
  6. For wishing me "good luck" before a big test or interview.
  7. For knowing my Starbucks and Chipotle order.
  8. For dealing with how many pictures I showed you of my animals back at home.
  9. For all the times that you reassured me that boys suck.
  10. For being a mom.
  11. For gaining the freshman 15 together.
  12. For staying up all night with me with pillow talks.
  13. For waking me up for class.
  14. For making me go to the library with you to study.
  15. For seeing me at my lowest and picking me back up
  16. For seeing me at my highest and being my biggest cheerleader.
  17. For being there post failed experimental beauty treatments and bad eyebrow waxes.
  18. Helping me survive my first college heart break.
  19. For being genuinely happy to see me when I came back from a weekend away.
  20. For sharing your closet with me.
  21. For loving me unconditionally.
  22. For forcing me to go to my 8 am.
  23. For telling me to take a shower.
  24. For avoiding responsibilities and binging Netflix with me.
  25. For listening, laughing, and crying with me.