H-town, Screwston, Clutch City... Houston truly is a place like no other. Not everyone understands the pride associated with being a Houstonian, but this city undoubtedly is an incredible place to grow up. Here are 24 signs you grew up in Houston:

1. Your southern hospitality goes out the window when driving.

2. You’ve never had a good hair day thanks to the humidity.

3. A trip to the Galleria isn’t complete without seeing someone in a Quinceañera dress.

4. You only go to NASA when your out of state relatives come to visit.

5. Saying somewhere "isn’t far” could mean it's anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes away.

6. You could recognize Mattress Mack’s voice anywhere.

7. Your middle school hangouts included Edwards Greenway Plaza and Memorial City Mall.

8. Speaking of middle school: Rich’s Teen Nights… why just why.

9. You said an extra prayer for your football team whenever they played Katy.

10. You went to Cane's or Whata after Friday night football games.

11. It’s hard for you to say any other name than Astros when singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

12. They’re called feeder roads.

13. You’ve spent a good portion of your life stuck in traffic.

14. “Do y’all want queso to start off?” The answer is always yes.

15. Being called a 281er is almost as bad as being from Dallas.

16. Rodeo season is the best season.

17. Your favorite part of the rodeo: Mutton Bustin’.

18. Scratch that, it’s probably the fried Oreos (or fried anything).

19. You went to Phobia with your high school love interest.

20. .... And if it lasted, probably Zoo Lights too.

21. Christmas traditions included Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet.

22. FPSF was your reason for getting through finals and the best way to start off summer… mud and 100 degrees and all.

23. You hate mosquitos almost as much as you hate Dallas.

24. You can’t imagine growing up anywhere else.