24 Days Of Giving Thanks
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24 Days Of Giving Thanks

Just show them that you care!

24 Days Of Giving Thanks
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Now that November is right around the corner, here is what we all should be doing. We should be giving thanks. It doesn't have to a big thanks. Just a thanks that means something. Let's spread this chain of thanks around and get the whole world involved!

November 1st: Pay It Behind

The first day of November should be an easy one. So let's start off by buying the car behind you their coffee or donut. It's a kind gesture and your just saying how much you appreciate them. Your giving them hope that their day is going to be a pretty great day.

November 2nd: Give Someone A Card

A simple act of kindness can go a long way so why not give a complete stranger a card that says "Thanks for being you!" Not only will it put a smile on their face, but it will also make them feel like everyone around them appreciates them. They might lose that feeling of sadness. You can give one card or many, it's all up to you.

November 3rd: Give Free Hugs

Someone might be having a really bad day and then you came along a gave them a hug. Not only will this help them but a hug that lasts 20 seconds or more can give a person the feeling of being relaxed and happy. So go forth and give them those hugs. Who can say no to a free hug?

Now that November is right around the corner, here is what we all should be doing. We should be giving thanks. It doesn't have to a big thanks. Just a thanks that means something. Let's spread this chain of thanks around and get the whole world involved!

November 4th: Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen

This might seem like a lot of work, but by you will put a smile on the faces of people who don't have any food. This will also make you feel better and help understand that there are a lot of people in this world who don't have food and appreciate all of the help you give them.

November 5th: Go To A Homeless Shelter

This might seem odd, but by showing that your thankful is one thing but doing something about it is a different thing. By visiting a homeless shelter will give the homeless people a since that there are people in this world that will care for them even though they don't know them.

November 6th: Volunteer to read at a Nursing Home

What better way to put a smile on someones face than reading to the elderly. They might not have a lot of visitors and they might be very forgetful, but if you show up and read to them, they will most likely remember you and feel like they are loved. The elderly might be having a hard time adjusting to their stay so by reading to them, they know that its okay to feel at home and that your thanking them for trying.

November 7th: Go to an Animal Shelter

Yes, even animals feel unloved. By visiting them and giving them some affection will give them the strength to get through the rest of their day. Animals can't speak for themselves, so by you petting them and showing them affection, it makes them feel like life is going to work out.

November 8th: Help an Elderly Man or Woman Cross the Street

Drivers don't really respect the elderly. By having a young person, hold their hand while crossing the street with them, shows them respect. It will help them get across faster and it will help them feel safer. You want to thank them for what they've done for this world.

November 9th: Donate Money to Charity

I know most of you are trying to save money for Christmas or you are tight on money, but you have no idea how much $5 will give someone. Here are a list of places you can donate $5 to:


(st jude) , https://give.specialolympics.org/page/contribute/h... (special Olympics)

Those are just a few but here's a link for another 10 charities: http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/money/list-cha...

November 10th: Visit a Children's Hospital

It doesn't matter where you are. There are children's hospitals in every state. These children have been sick for most of their lives. It makes them feel appreciated when visitors come and visit them. It makes them feel like they are doing a great job fighting the fight and it will make them continue to fight.

November 11th: Set up a Book Drive

Someone will always need a good book to read so set up a book drive and see where that gets you. Anyone who has a lot of books to get rid of will stop by and switch their books for books they haven't even read yet.

November 12th: Spaghetti Supper

Ask a local place if you can set up a spaghetti supper for anyone who doesn't have any family around. You would be surprised on how many people will show up and how grateful that they will be.

November 13th: Help a Neighbor Rake Leaves

It can be any neighbor. I always try to help my elderly neighbors because they can't move as good as they used too. Your neighbor will feel like they have people looking out for them and you will help them get a big burden off their back.

November 14th: Hold a Knitting Class

This might be odd, but most people know how to knit or want to learn how to knit. Either way, it can be a free class that your doing in the kindness of your heart. You can all cuddle around making scarfs for the winter.

November 15th: Take a Picture With a Stranger

How many people get their picture taken on the street while doing errands? Probably not many. So if you want someone to get in the mood to do errands, just ask to take a picture with them. This will require them to smile and then they'll have a smile on the rest of their day!

November 16th: Festive Arts and Crafts

What helps put you in the mood for thanksgiving? Some arts and crafts! You could make a Turkey out of your hand print. Simple, easy and fun!

November 17th: Remind People to Smile

All of you out there pouting and frowning. Stop! Someone has it a lot worse than you. You need to remember that and let people know. Like Marilyn Monroe said "Keep Smiling Because Life Is A Beautiful Thing And There's So Much To Smile About." Remind people that a smile makes you look friendly and it gets rid of those frowny wrinkles around your mouth.

November 18th: High Five A Stranger

"Great Job! High Five Dude!" Say anything that will get them to get you a high five.

November 19th: Give Homemade Coupons To.... well Everyone!

One hug coupon here, another one there! Clean your yard coupon to you. One free compliment etc... Just give people coupons. They'll go up to someone and ask them if they could use the coupon on them. It's a way to show that everyone's equal.

November 20th: Spread the Peace!

With all the violence going on. People forget to spread the peace. So make yourself heard and spread that peace. Let there be peace on earth and let it start with you.

November 21st: Sing Like Nobody is Watching

Self explanatory right? Wrong, there's a catch. You need to be out in public singing in front of strangers. It doesn't have to be a song that's on the radio. It can be Spongebob's Stripped Sweater song. Just serenade that person. You'll put a smile on their face and you'll feel great about it too.

November 22nd: Feed a Stray Animal

Strays are always looking for food. Be the bigger person and just give them some. They'll be grateful you did And you'll be saving a life. What's better than a happy animal?

November 23rd: A Pair of Gloves to Warm The Heart

A pair of gloves will go a long way. Especially if they don't have much. Give anyone a pair of gloves. You'll warm their hands up and their hearts.

November 24th: Door to Door Caroling

Even though it's thanksgiving. It's perfectly fine to go caroling. People love a good Christmas carol. Especially if there is a group of you going around. You never know, you might end up getting a free figgy pudding. Give thanks, be happy and spread the joy!

Let's see how many days you participate in this year! Have a happy ThanksGiving! Go forth and give thanks!

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