November 13 is World Kindness Day, and it is the perfect opportunity to make the world a little brighter by spreading some goodness into the world. However, this isn't the only day to do that. You can make World Kindness Day every day by acting on these little habits. And you can even come up with your own! Who knows? These habits may make someone's day a little bit brighter.

1. Call your mom 

Talking to your mom is always something that makes you feel better. Plus, she probably misses you, so you'll totally make her day.

2. Write someone an encouraging note 

Nothing like lifting a person's spirits with a little note about how much you hope they have a great day. Whether you give it to a stranger or a friend, it will no doubt lift their spirits.

3. Offer to pray for somebody 

I always feel better when someone prays for me, and I know other people do, too.

4. Be there for a friend when they need to vent 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone is just listen. You don't have to solve the problem right now, just let your friend get everything out.

5. Do your part to keep your home/apartment clean 

You most likely live with other people, whether it's your family or roommates, so it would totally make their lives easier to help out a little more around the house.

6. Offer to drive a friend to the airport 

With the holidays coming up, everyone is taking trips home. If your friend doesn't have a car, it would make their lives so much easier to drive them to the airport. You'd be taking a great load off their mind.

7. Tip your server a little more than usual 

Servers work really hard and don't make nearly as much money as they deserve. You'd make their day (and shift) so much better if you tip them a little extra.

8. Don't get impatient with other people in traffic 

Trust me, nobody wants to be in that horrible traffic either. You can make the highway a better place by not yelling at people and honking at them.

9. Buy a friend's meal 

I love doing this for friends! It's such a great way to let them know you appreciate them.

10. Just give a friend an encouraging hug 

Life can get you down sometimes, and sometimes all you need is a hug.

11. Give a stranger a compliment 

Do you like that random person's blouse? Tell them! That will bring the biggest smile to their face.

12. Bake your neighbors Christmas cookies 

This is a great way to spread Christmas cheer and meet your neighbors! You may even make a new friend.

13. Sit next to someone who's lonely 

Everyone needs a friend to help get them through life. If you sit down and start a conversation with someone, you will most definitely make their day.

14. Send long-distance friends a text to let them know you're thinking of them 

My best friend lives in Alabama, so we really have to work to stay in touch with each other. When I get a text from her, or she gets a text from me, or we are able to FaceTime, it always makes our days brighter.

15. Buy Christmas presents for kids in need 

There are some kids out there who can't afford to have the most magical Christmas. But you can spread all the magic in the world by giving them a toy they'll cherish forever.

16. Talk to the person you sit next to in class every day 

If you sit next to the same person in class every day and haven't said hi to them yet, it's time to change that. You may make a new friend, or at least make that class more enjoyable for both of you.

17. Go to a friend's event 

Everyone's schedules are so busy, but if you can make it, go support a friend! Are they in a play or concert? Come out and see them. It would make them so happy to know you were out in the audience.

18. Take the time to be with your family 

If you're in college, it can be hard to spend time with your family, but be intentional about it. You'll feel so much better, and you'll make their day.

19. Forgive someone after a fight or disagreement 

Life's too short to waste it holding an argument against someone. If you think the friendship is worth keeping, try to patch things up and let things go.

20. Don't be afraid to open yourself up to others 


It may be scary, but opening your heart to others is one of the greatest things you can do. Opening up to others is truly the best way to make the world a better place.